Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Silence Has Become My Enemy. My Voice Has Become My Friend.

Let me share something with you guys. I'm doing this because I know there are lots of people like me out there who have words to say, life changing contributions to make to this world, but they do not, because they are scared of speaking up. I was like that. The act of speaking up was such a fearful thing to me. I preferred to keep shut and let things happen the way they were supposed to happen, but with time, I learned that I could make things happen the way I wanted them to.

 This discovery is one of the greatest discoveries of my life. The right to speak. But, I wasn't always like that, I wasn't always outspoken. I would hide behind the shadows of another person's words, and should those words incriminate that person, I would be included as well, because I did not separate myself with a few words.

 Listen, words have power. Great men and women in the society got to where  they are not just by the works of their hands, but also by the words of their mouth. They developed the ability to make people think like them, invest in their businesses, build empires, simply because they could rearrange A, B, C, and D and turn them into powerful convincing sentences. Oh how I love people who can do that..

When I was in primary school I was very dark. I was black..lol! , and a particular class mate of mine used this to tease me always, sometimes in the presence of my other classmates. I knew I could stop him, but I was shy. It was probably because He was the richest kid in the class, and he always got this very special treatment from everyone. I did not want wahala.

One day, during recess, he called me black again." Stop this" I told him " don't call me black again. I'm probably prettier than most people you've met". 
Bambo was shocked. He has never heard me talk like that.  "kasie, I was only teasing" he said, visibly shaken by my outburst. " you are black yes, but you are also a fine girl. Black and fine" He said that with the voice of an eleven year old. That was our age range then, so imagine how it must have sounded.

People would twist you until that tiny voice you thought you had, vanishes forever if you do not speak when you should. Your voice, is your trademark by right. You should build it, garnish it with all the tasty spices in this world, so that when you let it out, you would captivate souls.

 Two things would tend to happen.
 The second person would learn to respect your opinion at the same time maintaining the relationship you have with him/her, or they would disappear. They would disappear because that thing they sought from you, your weak tiny voice, synonymous to silence, has vanished forever.
You have power, you do not know it yet.

Je T'aime. 

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