Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A First Daughter Is Gold. Her Name Is Ada.

The world rejoices when an Ada is born. It is like finding new gold. For some, the joy that comes with having a daughter is incomparable. 

Daddy calls me "Ada m nwanyi" (my very first girl child). It is a name like no other. It is no surprise anymore that first daughters are cherished because of the love and care they bestow upon those connected to them. There are so many advantages of having a girl child, one of them is that if brought up the right way, her parents need not worry about so many things around the house anymore. 

Most Ada's I've come across are responsible, and I believe It's mainly because they do not want to disappoint. When you have three, four, five siblings after you, following your every act, mimicking words only you can speak perfectly, you wouldn't want to disappoint, would you? 
The average Ada, carries the well being of her parents on her head, taking care to walk steadily, lest they fall. She shines when her family shines. She is their daughter and their mother at the same time.

The years breed her into the kind of women men would love. Experiences gathered from all and sundry, years and years of practicing motherhood, turns her into a mother to envy when she eventually becomes one

Ask around, who was that young lady, that tiny little girl whose breasts were barely visible, who was always present wherever her mother was, holding mother's bag, carrying baby's things, preparing sultry meals and singing lullabies to her baby brother whenever mother's presence was far away?
Ask around, and you would know the answer.

Never joke with an Ada, for she is someone, who we can say has served two rounds of motherhood when she eventually becomes one.She is gold, when a toddler, when a lady, when old.

Je T'aime.

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