Saturday, 21 November 2015

My Early Teenage Years: Trials At What I Thought Was Love.

While a teenager, I fell in love almost a zillion times lol, and fell out twice as much. What contributed to this was my constant visits to the bookstore, going from one particular book stand to the other, requesting for novels published by mills and boon and written by Danielle Steel, and Nora Roberts..

I tell you, the heroes in these books were my heroes in real life. I went everywhere with them and little by little, I began to see these heroes in boys I saw around me. I put imaginary six packs on skinny boys that were chiking me....hehe..telling myself they would grow into the kind of men I wanted.

It got so, so bad, I started documenting qualities each of my chikers had, I sieved them, those qualities, threw some away, brought in imaginary qualities to take their place, then bestowed them on those I found worthy. Kai, the things I did. Lemmie tell you...

I met Stephen in a friend's house. He was one of those boy's who wouldn't just ask if there was anything you needed, wouldn't call, but would always expect to hear from you, wouldn't help you pick your books if they fell down while you were taking a walk with him, ya, he was stiff like that. At first I did not mind, he was a fine bobo, and I wanted to be associated with him for this sole reason, but, one day, after reading INDISPENSABLE, one very interesting novel like that, things Stephen did began to irritate me.

"Why are you like this"?, I asked him one day. "Why can't you do what boys like you do? I can't keep on calling you, I don't work in a bank, if you don't call me, I won't call you", then I walked away. Stephen was shocked, but that did not help. He did not call me that day, he did not call me ever, and I never called him too, so that one died there.

It did not get any better when I met Ebuka. This one wasn't as a result of my lack of a hero, but because he was one whose qualities I couldn't contain. Ebuka called too much, did everything too much, expected reciprocals I couldn't give and literally parented me. I couldn't take it, I ran away. The reason of attraction was the same reason for which I ran.

Now that I'm older, whenever I recall those days, laughter would come visiting. These boys are fine boys/men now o! , and whenever I see them we would sit, have drinks, and reminiscence. We clearly did not know the difference between love and infatuation. It was all " I love you. I love you then". Our age range was between 14-17.

Whenever I remember these things I laugh. I laugh because even till now, it still happens. More people are turning 14, 15, 16 everyday, and they would use the same lines we used when were that age, only now, we'd have more of lol, the fuck?, IDK, and the like. My brother even says WAD UP? ....hehe

I love those good old days, and I love me now. Only better..!!


  1. Lol, Kasie has a LOVEly beginning. Original.

  2. HAHA... thanks dear....and thanks for taking time out to comment.


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