Thursday, 19 November 2015

Loyalty Means A Whole Lot: Even More In Friendship.

First off, it takes a great deal for someone to accept you as you are, faults and all, and still maintain a very beautiful relationship with you. You know they are loyal when you exhibit all your vices and you still see them. Sometimes, we drive our true friends away though our actions.

Most times it's because you know deep down within you that this person would always stay, would always come back, would always try to make amends and to bring peace. Now because you know this, you do whatever, say whatever, act however and then you forget the people you see around you are human beings like you, and that for everything, there is always a side effect.
The deal is, for someone who shows you a certain amount of care, same is expected in return.
Some people are not really comfortable with spilling out what's eating their brains out and as a friend, you should know, or make it your business to. Do not be in a hurry to judge or conclude, you can never know the whole story by sitting on the other side of the table.

There are other less talked-about reasons why friendships go awry in later years. And some of these situations present uncomfortable dilemmas to which there are no good solutions. People are loath to drop friends, probably because they don’t want to be dropped themselves. And yet, it happens.
Sometimes people find that their friends are not as interesting — or as interested — as they used to be. Perhaps your pal has become quite depressed. Or maybe they’re stuck in the past while you are pursuing new interests. Perhaps there's something more.
You should know when friendship is true. You do not need a third person to define your friendship with the second. You alone know the experiences you've shared with him/her. Retrieve memories.Live in them. Set pride aside, it does you no good. It only creates days, months, years and a lifetime of regrets. Please do not be in a hurry to judge. You can never know the whole story.

Draw your true/loyal  friends close, such friendships are rare.

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