Thursday, 19 November 2015

Did He Promise You America Too?!

Going to America

Hi swits'
  I decided to make this post because I am tired of the constant marriage proposals I've been receiving on social media. It's not like it's such a bad thing, but what our men are turning it into is what I do not understand. E don do biko!
  We girls see/take a lot of things sha, from men and women, young and old, and all these experiences prepare us for other future experiences.

Down to the main koko.
Is this a trend or what? the constant marriage proposals from our brothers in diaspora?
What makes you think she would jump into your arms- pause- lemmie rephrase. What makes you think she would jump into your timeline, because you stay in America, or UK, or Malaysia, or wherever? or am I missing something?

The most annoying thing is that they make it seem like they are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime. They say things like
-Do not allow this golden opportunity pass you by
-Don't you want to become an American citizen?
-You should be happy I'm even asking this of you.(imagine this
-I'm lonely, I need someone to be with me here.

It's okay already. I do not know if they ask/say all these because they have a certain perception of ladies born and bred in Nigeria, but girls who have made these men experts in asking questions like these, should know they have fallen my hands really.

The spelling of MAN in Nigeria is not different from that of MAN in America. It's the HIM in HIM that really matters. Men, get to know the lady before you dump this heavy question on her.You might discover other amazing things about her, or maybe not. You never know!

Life is not what you see on social media. Most people show you , what they want you to see and withhold their vices, so they can grab you "THE AMERICAN TREASURE ". Some girls do not even want to leave Nigeria. As far as they have one fine "bobo" over there, who sends them cool dollars, they have everything.

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  1. Haaahaaa.....going to America is not bad ooooo.....winks......Nice post, u r growing day-by-day. Keep it up


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