Monday, 23 November 2015

An Undergraduate's Mind : A Battlefield Of Decisons.

We begin to see so many crossroads when we get into the university. So many roads to take, so many decisions to make. Often times we put forward our foot to try a path out, and that journey ends in disaster before it even begins. For those who complete the journey, they either come home with trophies for victory, or with plasters, bandages and stitches, evidences of a rough and failed journey.

100 level is the beginning of the beginning. You just got here, you have to seeeee a little, you make a decision to always keep up with your lecturers. You never miss a class. You are so serious because your aim is to be associated with a 4.5 CGPA. After the first semester when you've finally achieved it, you feel you are on the tip of Mount Everest, Mehn !!. 

Fast Forward to 300 level. For some,and for those in schools like mine, whose course of study is  compulsorily five years, this is when it all happens. The golden level. POLITICS, RELATIONSHIPS, FELLOWSHIP POSITIONS, A STAND IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP, EVERYTHING. This is when it begins, the battle of self discovery. You begin to ask yourself questions like " What do I do"?, "My mates are doing this, I want  to do it too, what do I do, how do I do it differently" ? 

The moment you start asking yourself these questions is the moment you begin to see your crossroads. They'd come in numbers, tempting addresses , beautiful walkways  here and rickety buildings there. Then your mind's battle starts. " How do I balance being a student and a politician, being a student and being in love, being a student and being an entrepreneur ..? can I do it?

Here's your answer, you can,  if you can play the game well.. People who say the university is supposed to pass through you do not say it for nothing. THE UNIVERSITY IS SUPPOSED TO PASS THROUGH YOU!

Look for what you are good at,take risks, make decisions... ..
But pls, make the decision that would fetch you your trophy, when you must have completed your journey.

Je T'aime....


  1. This is just timely. You have a rare gift. keep the flag at full mast. You go girl!

  2. When I face such cross roads, I list them with the most important coming first. I left my house to school, that for me is the most important, I give it more of everything - more of my time,airtime,data,sleepless nights,money etc. Reason is, if you end up not getting 'schooled' the other things are close to useless - love, politics. Everyone decides what's important to him/her.

    Nice post miss kasie.

  3. Thank you dear. So many people have what they term important, what matters is setting a scale of preference..


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