Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Talk To Someone, Please!

Almost half a month ago, I was standing on a cliff staring into the horizon and wondering what would happen if I should mistakenly or intentionally miss a step and fall, a thousand feet below me. Goose pimples took control of my skin when I remembered the number of people who have done it intentionally, taking extra care to achieve their aim, sometimes going to the highest peak of the mountains, so they have no means of survival. 

 These people, these people who do this, they think they have nothing anymore so they take the very last thing they have, which is life- along with them, pushing the people they leave behind into sadness and depression. . 

The thing is, that depression you are trying to run away from you have pushed to others, and they would suffer the same fate, maybe even choose to take the same solution you have chosen. How many happy faces and hearts would we have left then, to share some brightness? . Suicide can never solve anything. 

It is hard, yes. It becomes so hard to live and you feel you are all alone and no one can wear your shoes, but, so many people have worn those shoes, it hurt them, but they chose to walk another mile with the pain.
. Those shoes are Life's though way of teaching you that it is not a bed of roses, that darkness will come sometimes and the roses would wither. 

. When this happens, please, remember you are not alone. Remember that you are like a fruit tree in an orchard and that even when you wither, there are a thousand and one other trees near you to make you bloom. . Remember you are not alone. Talk to someone, PLEASE. 

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Do you have experiences you would love to share, stories you think might help the woman next to you to stay strong? To keep sane? . Please send them to aladyandlife@gmail.com. Thank you! 

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