Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Obi Anuli - Complete Happiness.

Two years after Mama died, you were yet to feel sane,to feel complete. Most times at night when the sun must have lost its shine to the darkness of the clouds and the moon's brightness was at its peak, you would curl yourself up on the bed, thinking about her lovey smile, her perfect dentition, her homemaking prowess, her love for your father and your siblings, and tears would visit your eyes in an instant of time, struggling to pour, to fall, to be free from captivity.

The thing is, for close to two years, you have pretended all was well, that Mama was still there, that your father was not the security man at the local bank, that he had the respect he deserved and that your siblings went to the best of schools. 

 For two years, you have held your shoulders high, done odd jobs in school, to assist your young brother who just gained admission into secondary school. He was only a teenager and did not want to be told what to do, did not want to attend public school and threatened to run away if papa made him.

Your other siblings, were too young to understand what what happening. They felt Mama travelled and was too occupied to come back soon. But reality dawned on you when your exams came and you needed money for text books, when you asked your aunties and uncles and they said they had none, when, just two days to your first paper you fell sick and the doctors said you were malnourished. You still wrote your exams surprisingly enough to the dismay of your course mates and waited for the results.

 That semester, you failed that course but it did not hurt, did not tear you apart. The fact that your brother was chased out of school for lack of school fees did.That single fact tore you apart into tiny shreds, but you could not do anything, you could only watch. 

 Help came one day through your roommate's friends' brother and suddenly everything started to change. You were no longer alone anymore, and the weight which had been threatening to pin you down started to loosen its grip around you. 

 You felt comfortable with Edozie. He was everything, Everything. His fingers worked magic on a keypad and his job as a Software Engineer for InterSwitch paid him well. He wiped every tear off your face and showed you a new meaning of Euphoria. He was good, in every sense of the word.Your siblings loved him and he had your father's approval. Everything was perfect.

So, that rainy day when he knelt down at Leventis Resturant in town-in the presence of the friends he called to celebrate your birthday, when he knelt down and asked you to marry him,it was all it took for you not to scream YEZZZ! 

 You simply nodded, with tears running down your face-this time slowly, on a straight line, they signified happiness, and completely lifted the weight which had been threatening to pin you down to the center of the earth.

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