Friday, 19 May 2017

My Father Is Getting Married Next Week, But I Will Not Go.

When I watch Nollywood movies sometimes I see how people play evil roles, especially the step mother role and i feel sad because it seems so real. I never would have thought that what I watch would be my life. My father and mother were close, very close. I and my brother grew up wanting to be like them.
My brother is in Secondary school now. He is a bright boy, and I know he will do well. He listens, that boy. He listens. We grew up in a very rowdy place in Onitsha, but we did not allow it get to us. People find it difficult to believe we are the way we are now.

My Mother Died two years ago- on her was to Abakiliki to get potatoes she sells. I did not cry much because I was already used to crying, but my brother did. He was 13 then.My mother's passing hurt me but I got over it in no time, but, I do not think I will get over the fact that my father is getting married. He did not even wait that long! Sometimes I wonder, did he even love my mother at all? My brother is excited, but I am not. I will not attend the wedding.

 Freeda. Onitsha

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