Saturday, 20 May 2017

Everything In Between: (E.I.B)

I've been collecting stories for three weeks now. From Ladies. Real stories. They'd be shared anonymously, unless otherwise stated and hopefully, they'd go a long way to prove that there are indeed Ladies who go extra miles to claim what is theirs, to love, to be accepted, to be known. I've always seen women as powerful... and these past few weeks have not shown me otherwise.

 Everyone is powerful. Men are powerful. Women are powerful
This thing, sort of a project, is to not show who has more power than who, or who is more significant than the other, so, please do not misunderstand this. This is just to show that women, strive to do things generally known as "Not achievable" , and in more ways than one, even with constant societal expectations, even with constant piercing gazes from people around, in more ways than one, we have excelled. 

I have permission from people I have interviewed to share these things. All will be well. Hopefully. A Lady and Life is just what the name implies.

 If you have stories you want to share too, anonymously or not, you can send it to

 A notification would be sent to you when your story gets published.

 Stories From People, Personal Experiences and the like, would be tagged in our "Everything In Between"( E.I.B) category. 

 Daalu.- This means, "Thank You".

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