Saturday, 8 April 2017

Why I Wrote You A Love Letter.

Jideofor My Love,

 By now you must have seen what I consider my heart's tale. I feel so calm, knowing that as your eyes move end to end, taking in my words, that your heart would be in motion too..

 Don't Talk Jideofor, don't talk. Let us have this conversation as one. I would speak for us. 

 You see, I didn't know what love was. Didn't feel it, didn't have the pleasure of experiencing heart leaps, until I met you. You d not know what you have done for me ,Obim. 

You do not know.

I feel this love, each time You give me your Tee to put on because you love the way I look like a broomstick dumped into a sack- You love that it can perfectly fit two of  me. You love  the way I react when you call me "Kpelenge".

 I feel this love, each time you call my name in the middle of a conversation , especially with me ranting, to remind me of your very existence-something that soothes all pain and takes my worries away.

 I feel this love, each time you call me in the middle of the night to sing me my favorite song, because you know how scary it gets in Borno- Where the fear of Boko Haram looms still. I feel this love, my dearest prince, each time we pay visits to my friends and yours, and you keep blowing me kisses through thin air, giving me signs that read "I love You". 

 Jideofor My Love,

Please love me forever, because, now I do not know how my life would be without you in it. 

 I Will Always Love You. 

 PS: I saw the ring in the wine bar, I cannot wait too answer "Yes", to be yours forever.

Please ask already-before my heart bursts into tiny stars. 



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