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When In FUTO ........Episode 8.

A Lady And Life
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It had been Four months since the Ifeyinwa accepted to date Chuka. Two months of fresh air and difference. One would have thought that with his constant visits to her room, and their meetings in FUTO love garden turned prayer garden, Ifeyinwa's attention to her studies would have suffered. But it did not. She was the talk of the whole class. The maths lecturer, Professor Ikemefuna had just released the results of the Maths test and she garnered a total of 97%. Everything seemed beautiful at this time of her life. 

She had great friends, an elevating academic life, and the sweetest boyfriend who she would not give up for anything in the world. Just last week, a memo was passed around acknowledging the rumor that had been circulating around school. The Harmattan  Semester Exams were to commence in a week! She and her course mates all thought it to be a joke when their Course Adviser, Engr Nwadike, announced it to them just four days ago..and now, they've been made to face reality.. 

 "How do plan this now?" Ifeyinwa asked herself one Hot afternoon, on her way back from GST 101 Lectures which held at SMAT Complex.

"I wonder what my time table would look like, with lecturers fixing lectures up and down ... Nawah oh!"

 "Haa Amaka", she screamed, stopping suddenly in her tracks. 

She had promised to get her friend Amaka a lovely pair of shoes and fancy slippers for her upcoming birthday. How could she have forgotten?

 "Ofu Onye! Onye na-aga?" a voice kept screaming from a distance...

 Ifeyinwa ran as fast as she could and got into one of the FUTO buses conveying people to Douglas Road Owerri.. Popularly called "Town" by FUTO students. When she gained admission  ..and was still oblivious of some of the customs and traditions of school, she always wondered why things were different here. In Lagos, where her parents stay, you do not hop on a Motorcycle and wait for another hopper to hop on.., but it was different here.. one of the things she loved about this place..

 She hardly pays for her bike fares, reason being that FUTO BOYS were always so generous in this area... something she also later came to understand was a CHYKING procedure.. So, of recent, whenever she stops a bike , she  carries a long face, totally discouraging the boys from probing, and giving her the silence she deserves. 

 "Back Seat, your Money!.. Each row 520.. " The bus driver mouthed, jiving her out of her thoughts.. 

She reached into her back pocket and brought out a two hundred Naira note, which she in turn gave to the girl beside her to give the driver.. Douglas Road Owerri was bustling with long buses, Private cars, human beings and Tricycles..which was a norm at this time of the day.. Everyone could be seen doing their thing, but completely aware of everything around them. Most women had bags which they hung  on their necks , for fear of being caught unawares by pickpockets.

 "Original Nokia Battery 200, Charger 200, Memory Card 500".. kept ringing in her ears, over and over again, she hurriedly walked past the men who sold Phone cases and Batteries.

 She stopped when she saw a man who sold cute lady footwear. 

 "How Much?" She asked, as she picked up one that caught her attention.

 " Sister, na Four Thousand, but because it is you, take am Two five.." The shoe seller replied.

 "It's too expensive ..How much last"

 "Oya take am Two Four"

 "Just hundred naira?, what is that?" Ifeyinwa asked. 

 "Na Buhari cause am. Dollar don cost for market.. Go to Aba, things don cost well wel!"

 "Let me give you Two thousand naira" Ifeynwa pleaded.

 "Oya take am" He replied, much to her delight.

 She made to bring the money from her wallet when one boy, who had been sitting quietly around the corner rushed at her. 

 "Sister.. Sister, come let me tell you something... I can put pin.. to hold it, Let me show you.." 

 "What do you mean?", Ifeyinwa asked.

 "I would just put pin to hold it..E no Cost ( It's not Expensive)" 

 Okay...But I would give you just Hundred naira o!" Ifeyinwa Warned

 "No wahala.. You no get problem ( No worries)" The strange man replied.

He finished fixing the pins almost immediately and gave her the slippers.. Ifeyinwa brought out hundred naira from her wallet and handed it to him

 "Wetin be this" He asked. "Na me you dey give this money" (Is this money for me )

 Ifeyinwa was shocked. Was he seriously asking her that? 

 "I thought we agreed I'd give you hundred Naira" She asked, stunned. 

 "Madam give me my money.. Give me my money ooo!.. You say you go give me hundred naira for the pin.. I put six pins.. My money na six hundred Naira" 

 Ifeyinwa didnt know whether to cry or laugh. This man was serious! He was already running around the place calling his friends to intervene..and they were walking towards her direction  in their numbers.. 

What was she to do? Should I run? She asked they came closer... 

 To be continued.

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