Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Should A Woman Have 365 Bras For The Whole Year?

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“I never wear bra again after wearing it once. I wonder how women wash and re-wash one bra. That’s cheap and gross! Braziers were meant to be worn once and then discarded. If you don’t have 365 braziers in your closet for the whole year like I do, then you are not a complete woman! Yes…..I said it”

 That was what, this instagram queen @queenmau1 had to say about women who repeat bras everyday.
See her post below..

This post got so many people thinking if she was in the right frame of mind before making the post.
She said washing and re-wearing of bra is cheap and gross!.. Haba Aunty! What do you think? Does she make sense, or is this just some Mumu talk? 

 Let Me Know What You Think! 


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