Tuesday, 18 April 2017

#ALAL Inbox- "Should I Tell Him, Even As I know He Might Love Another?"

Should I tell him? A lady and and life

Someone from Instagram sent this in. 

 Bode was my high school sweetheart. We were both in SS2 when we fell playfully in love. He attended St.Finbarrs school around Akoka and I went to a public school around Gbagada. 

His school was the happening school around my axis then. We rarely saw each other, except on days when Lagos State Government would organize maybe a debate or something, thn we wuld talk..After he graduated, he got into Unilag and I got into Unilorin. I'm in my 300'l now. We still keep in touch. Sometimes, he will call and we talk for long.

Now the thing is, sometimes, I feel like calling him, rejuvenating those feelings back.But, what about the other girl, what would people think..He still says things me, from time to time.

 We still talk about a few things we know and we still gossip about our mutual friends. But I always feel guilty.He told me he has a girlfriend and she likes him too much for him to hurt her. I didn't even know he had a girlfriend! I thought I had claimed that position already.

 I am feeling bad right now because I want to tell him about my feelings,which are now serious, but I also do not want to keep feeling guilty? What to do?

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