Thursday, 9 March 2017

Suzzy's delivery

It was yuletide already, and everyone was home. My younger sister was back from school and she seemed to have developed interest for Suzzy even more than myself. My elder sisters brought their children home. We sure had a full and lively house. While we all waited earnestly for Suzzy to deliver, we made sure she was cared for adequately. We even made a timetable for her meals, we cleaned and disinfected her home regularly, so as to provide a hygienic environment for the newly born.

It was 20th of December, and it looked like we were going to experience a rainy Christmas. We had just finished morning devotion, when we heard the bleating of kids from outside the house. I shouted, “Suzzy has given birth”. We all rushed to her house, our hearts were full of joy. Thank God for safe delivery. The kids were still bloody, Suzzy was looking very calm and weak. I wish I could help her at that point, but there was nothing I could do. She didn’t even finish the food we gave to her last night. She must have gone through a lot of pains. Yet she endured it, without making a sound. My elder brother asked us to leave her alone, so that she could clean up her kids. I would have loved to watch every bit of the procedure. I guess Suzzy was shy having us around to watch her, because she just stared at as like, “won’t you guys go and let me finish my cleanup?” we all went inside, waiting patiently for her to get done. Meanwhile, we were debating on the names to give to her children. We didn’t know if they were males or females yet. We went out later to check on Suzzy, to our surprise, Suzzy had cleaned up both her kids and her entire house. I was so impressed. My Suzzy is a very clean goat.

We later got to know that the kids were both males, the black one, with white spot on his head and on one side of his hind limb is John. The brown one with black hairs on his spine and black spot on his four legs is James. The kids grew up very fast and healthy too. I noticed Suzzy didn’t always want to feed them with breast milk and I didn’t know why. I guess she’s training them to be strong.

One time, my dad took them out of the compound, they didn’t stay out for long. They ran back inside. They were scared of the outside world, they weren’t use to stress. James even fell into a pit, he was crying so loud, I thought he would die. He had a clean bath later and was kept in their home.

I went back to school later that month, but I never stopped asking about Suzzy, James and John. I hoped to see full grown he-goats when next I came home.

To be continued…


  1. Giving birth is just beautiful whether of a human or animal. It is just lovely to see a being living inside a mother. Waiting to read more of your stories and posts.


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