Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fret When You Find Lipstick Stains On Your Man's Shirt!

We've seen a lot of Nollywood movies to know that most times, this is the ultimate moment when cheating boyfriends/fiances/husbands are found out. It is either the lady sees the stain while trying to give him a peck on his return from work, or during laundry. 

Most times, it gets confusing. The lady brings out a shirt from the closest, without any pre-determined intention, and she discovers the stain, just like that!, as if someone somewhere told her 

"Go into his closet, the white shirt at the top right corner, yes!, that's the one!" 

 Sometimes, lipstick stains do not signify infidelity, let's cut some slack for them boys.

Here are some situations that might tend to bring up suspicions, but don't fret sister, don't fret.

 1. A Lady Mistakenly Brushed Her Lips Against His Shirt On His Way To The Cafeteria.

 This can happen you know. Most ladies I know go with their full make up kit whenever they step out to eat. Ladies, like me, love to take in everything as we eat. I cannot imagine how I'd be eating fufu with fork, what is that one? I like to descend on it with all of my palm, and give it the justice it deserves. While doing so, I might smear some soup on my lips, in the process, cleaning off my lipstick. This happens.

 Sometimes, when I know I'm going to have a long day, I leave the house with my lip stick. Now, let's say after eating I hurriedly pack my stuff and make to leave, and I bump into some gentleman, and smear some of of my newly applied lipstick on his shirt, It wouldn't mean anything now would it?

 But, when some lady out there sees this, she'd start thinking heaven and earth , and searching for ways to ask the time bomb question "ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?"

2. Maybe your boyfriend was standing close to a girl in an overcrowded elevator/public transport.

 This is a very Logical explanation. Especially in overcrowded cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt. Happens almost everyday. One day I was in crowded bus somewhere along Ojota. A guy was sitting in front and I was sitting beside a girl, she had a very bright red lipstick on.

 The moment the driver applied break suddenly, the girl fell on him and next moment his back collar was stained. The guy didn’t know and the girl did not say sorry. I watched as he alighted, and smiled at the long series of questions he would have to answer.


What We Need In This World Is More Built In Redundancy.

3. He Carried A Baby Who Previously Got Cute Kisses From Ladies. 

 Wrap your head around this one! I'm still trying to, since it's becoming quite an excuse these days!

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  1. hahahahahahahha...... i can totaly relate...... nice one

  2. What if he got that in the process of seperating two ladies in a physical combat. You neverknow!!!


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