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 "What killed my father?"

Obidiya heard her daughter ask again, and her heart skipped , twice. She wasn't expecting this question. Not now. It was too soon. 

 "Why are you asking this Nwam" She asked. "Is anyone troubling you?" 

"Please just answer the question mama, it is important to me"

 Obidiya didn't know what to say.She had prayed for this day not to come. Why was her chi doing this to her. Had she not suffered enough? Who could have told her daughter about this? Who?

 "Maama Talk to me!

Obidiya's thoughts were cut short by Adaugo's frantic scream, and she felt something, other than just curiosity was pushing her daughter.

 "Your father was killed. His throat was slit after he raped a young lady in Amansea,the place where four crossroads meet"

 She was crying as she spoke, and her chest heaved up and dpwn in fast motion. Adaugo was shocked. Nobody told her abut this. Does Adannaya Know,she wondered.

 "Does Adannaya know, she asked her mother... "No, she doesn't. After the incident I picked both of you and left the village. I was able to get some money from my grandmother's brother, and with little help from friends, we survived".

"When did this happen?" 

 "Long ago" Obidiya answered.

 "When your sister was two and you were just a baby. I could not live with myself for having married such a man. For many months after the incident I wasn't myself. Adam, what your father did, destroyed me. It destroyed us."

 Obidiya was crying again, and muttering incoherent words, this time, louder. The pain of that fateful day came rushing down her memory lane, bringing with it thorns and spiky objects, piercing every part of her tender soul. She remembered Chibuzo, a suitor that came calling about five years after the incident. He was completely oblivious of her past life,He knew she was married for sometime and that was all and because she wanted a better life for her children, she allowed herself to fall in love with him. He made her feel good, and her daughters loved him. Seven months after they met he asked for her hand in marriage. She had been more than elated at the thought of getting married to someone and feeling love again, but, tragedy stuck when he came to her house one dark night and told her he wasn't interested anymore. She had knelt down before him, begged him not to take her happiness away from him, told him she loved him more than anything, and that she couldn't survive without him, but his expression was empty..

 "There is a curse in your family" He had said, and she had laughed, convinced she did not hear him well.

"There is a curse in your family Obidiya. Why didn't you tell me what happened to your previous husband, why didn't you tell me he raped a fourteen year old girl to death and her brothers slit his throat when they found her dead body.. Why didn't you tell me she cursed him before she died.. Why didn't you tell me Obidiya, why??

 Obidiya had screamed, with all her strength's might, and even more as Chibuzo walked out of her house and out of her life. She had lived with the pain ever since, and had told no one, not even her daughters when they came of age.

 "Maama, are you still there?" 

Adaugo asked, jiving her out of her thoughts.

 "Yes...yes..I.. am"

 "Kelvin Dumped Me.."

 "Why?" Her mother asked.. "What happened?"

 " He said there is a curse in our family..I don't understand maama..Please tell me everything..The pain is eating deep into my soul.. ....

.... and I am pregnant for him.

 "Uwam O!" Obidiya screamed,said something under her breathe just as  the line went dead.. "

To be continued.

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