Friday, 17 March 2017

One Of The Annoying Things That Happen In Lagos.

Living in Lagos state could be very annoying, trust me. Especially for an average or below average Nigerian. There are so many factors behind this, some of these include, the rowdiness, the traffic jam etc. At about late year November, I went for a program at Ikeja and I took Ketu-Ojota route.

 I’m used to the traffic on the highway, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. What got me amazed was when I saw the queue for crossing the pedestrian bridge. I had never seen something like that before in my live. 
It was as if everybody in Nigeria wanted to cross the bridge that morning. It wasn’t even on a Monday morning, it was Wednesday. If passing the bridge would be that way on Wednesday, what about Monday mornings? I couldn’t help but take pictures of the scene first, before I looked for solution on how to cross the bridge. It was a two-way bridge and no one was allowed to pass the other side, in fact, a security officer was placed there. 

I felt pity for the people at the back because, the queue seemed not to be moving. Some people that just arrived refused to join the queue and instead maneuver their way to the front. I stood there looking hopeless, there was no way I would join the very long queue. I almost started crying though, but I found favour in the sight of a man and I crossed over.


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