Friday, 3 March 2017

Kiki's Scars

The aroma of already made instant noodles coming out straight from the kitchen which was just located at the balcony of the room filled the air. The kitchen was quite narrow and could be very uncomfortable, but it seemed like the standard design for the students in Jalingo situated at the northern part of Nigeria. The room was cozy, with the lilac and lemon green paintings. Leaving the room bright and cool always. Lightly furnished with a reading table and a chair by one corner and a mattress at the other corner, big enough to accommodate two people comfortably. Perfect for an average student in Nigeria. The harmattan appears to be at its peak this morning, the howling of the dogoyaro tree could be heard from a distance.

“This tommytommy noodles is not as delicious as chichi said it was”, Ninila was coming out from the kitchen with a plate filled with noodles and two forks, when she noticed Kiki was still sobbing. “ Oh no, Kiki, you have to stop doing this to yourself. It’s not as if crying out your eyeballs will solve the problem. You have to dust yourself and get up again baby”. Ninila, dropped the plate on the table and headed to meet Kiki. Kiki was at the edge of the mattress, leaning against the wall with her face buried in her palms. She could cry no more, her eyes hurt already. She cried all through the night leaving Ninila restless. What else could Nini do? How else could she help? Nini, wrapped Kiki in her arms as she stroked her back.

Kiki was far lost in her thoughts, she sure loves taking vanilla flavoured ice cream. That was one of the fastest way to quench her anger. This case proved difficult, because even a gallon of the ice cream won’t offer any solution. Memories flash back, she could remember vividly how Green walked up to her the first time they met, how they had their first kiss, how they spent the nights together and many other events. Well, the first kiss was when she signed in for trouble unknowing to her. She thought she had found true love and thought Green was a very different and special guy, she was wrong! The relationship started with lies and it sure ended with lies.

Kiki had just broken up with her ex when Green came along, she was vulnerable at that point. She was so devastated she could barely concentrate during lectures, she needed to get her mind off this God forsaking guy. He was the last person she ever wanted to hear about in her life.

Green walked Kiki back home, holding her left hand. They did this often and were soon known by people on the street as a couple. They got to the door of the her room. She was staring at the floor now, she couldn’t predict his next move. She as about saying goodnight when he held her chin with his fingers, he lifted her face to his and tried kissing her. There was a little resistance from her, Kiki wasn’t sure what she was going in for. She loves him, at least that’s what she thinks. He gently places a slight kiss on her neck, he perceived she had given him the permission to carry on

. She could feel his breath beneath her chin, she prayed the feeling he was showing was genuine. He kissed her all the way up to her lips. She felt coldness run through her spine. The kiss lasted for few minutes and she wished it lasted longer. With a smile on his face he kissed her goodnight and walked out of the building.
Ninila, was wondering why Kiki was smiling all of a sudden. She called out Kiki’s name trice but no response, she thought Kiki was going nuts. Hot steaming tears gushed out of Kiki’s eyes.
“He said they were just best friends Nini, he said there was nothing going on between them”, Kiki kept on saying those words. His best friend never knew about his girlfriend?

To be continued............

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