Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Lady And Life.

We try to find out what makes ladies special, what drives us, and how we are gradually taking control and gaining lots of ground in virtually every area of the Global Economy. On this blog, you'd find entertainment in the form of FICTION to REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES to THINGS AROUND US.

There's a section called CHYKING CHRONICLES, which is a collection of real life experiences told by ALAL blog visitors. Here, we share our different experiences with humans of the opposite sex. To have yours published, regardless of gender, simply send a mail to

We also have the ACHIEVERS section, where we talk about women who have excelled in different areas and who keep breaking boundaries.

GIRL PROBLEMS talks about the different challenges we encounter everyday by virtue of being Ladies.

KASIE's CUBICLE , is my very own space. This is where I find solitude.. You can know more if you wish, just bribe me with a chocolate bar.

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