Monday, 6 March 2017

5 Reasons Why Men Tend To Stay Away From Their Homes When Their Wives Become Pregnant.

Men, you know this is true. The minute your wives tell you "Honey, I'm pregnant".. The euphoria sets in, then it turns to fear, little by little it begins to eat you up..until she puts to birth and excitement is restored in the home. Here are some of the reasons why according to several men who have passed through this .

 1. You Get Irritated Easily. 

 When women become pregnant, they begin to change. So many things you know about them begin to look different before your eyes. From body size, to mood swings, to laziness to using the loo almost every minute..These things irritate you. Most men cannot stand the sight of a woman throwing up especially if she does it ever so often. I know women that walk around with bottle and cans for this specific purpose..especially if it's the first pregnancy. Most men would not tell you they hate it, after all, what can you do..... In order to remain sane, they leave the environment to cool off somewhere.

2. Your Life Just Changed.

 Most men take time to get used to the fact that someone else is coming into the family to steal a little bit of the attention that should be all his from his wife. The fact that your wife would have to divide her love, care and affection between you ans some baby, becomes a difficult pill to swallow. For some, this takes some adjusting and getting used they tend to stay away to give their wives some mummy-baby bond 

 3. Her Body Is Changing And So Are Your Desires Towards Her

. Some men try to excuse these dalliances as an escape from the stress of stepping up to the role of father and family provider. Many attribute their betrayal to feeling unloved and undesirable as sex is put on the back burner. Others, claim they were driven into the arms of another because they found their wife’s changing body a turn-off.This particular reason gives rise to cheating a lot, as Konji no gree leave.

4. The Wife Develops An Attitude.

 Almost every woman is guilty of this. During pregnancy, a lot of things begin to tell on the woman.. There are lots of changes to her hormonal balance and this makes her uncomfortable .Some women take this out on anyone close to them, which in most cases turns out to be the husband.Everything you do irritates her. She craves for everything and ends up eating none. This one dey vex men eeh.. .. and in order not to be seen as uncaring if they should raise their voice or express opinions, they leave the house.

Well, these things are normal. They are things almost every man would experience even if he doesn't act out. Men, understand that when a women becomes pregnant, changes set in..things begin to look different, she starts seeing the word in a whole new light..give her some time to adjust to these changes, but do not push her away.. Pregnant women need care, love affection to pull through..With your understanding, she might not even turn out to be what you fear she would be....Give it time. I could only thing of can add yours in the comment section.


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