Thursday, 9 February 2017

When In FUTO Episode 6.

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Most evenings , just after sunset, Hall C's front-yard becomes the center of attraction. 

Boys from the adjourning villages always take pleasure in the fact that they share a common need with other boys who come to visit their "Sisters" in the hostel.Sometimes, just after seven, when the yellow bulb of the Aboki who displays his wares just under the tree nearby must have come on, you will begin to see them. Boys of all manner of sizes.

 Some of them six pack cheated, some beautiful in their imperfections. Whichever kind of boy sighted near the hall, a girl is always seen nearby. Hall C is known as the happening hall, never bereft of activities, home to all sorts cute girls, beautiful in itself. 

 This particular night however, four boys could be seen standing near the carved out Man O' War area, mumbling something the couldn't be heard by passers-by. 

 "Where is Chuka?" Tony asked, lines of worry creased across his forehead."He should have been here by now, Martin, did he not say we should meet him here"? 

 "Yes, he did" Martin, Chuka's roomate replied. He was staring into the dark, somewhere near Hall E, as if somehow a shadow that looked like Chuka's would jump out of nowhere and start walking towards them.

Tony, Nnayelugo, and Gabriel sighed just as they sighted Chuka walking towards them. Gabriel was the first to tap him on the head.

 "Guy where you dey since, we don dey wait for you, where the babe"? "Calm down boy" Chuka replied.

 "She'd be here soon, I just called her.She's spending the night in the hostel with a friend so it's not like she's coming from afar or something"..

 His phone rang. "Ify...yes..I can see you.. just walk straight to the Man O'War area..." His friends were chuckling and hitting one another just as Ifeyinwa walked into their midst. 

They kept quiet immediately. Nnayelugo and Martin started gazing at sky , perhaps counting the stars, taking perfect care to avoid Ifeyinwa's gaze.

"Boys" Chuka started, excitedly "This is Ifeyinwa, the girl I've been telling you about, She's the reason you've not been seeing much of me of late"

 Ifeyinwa smiled, displaying her perfect dentition "Hi guys, nice to meet you, Chuka has told me so much about all of you" 

 Tony Frowned "Guy, wetin you tell am"? He asked chuka, as Ify looked on amusingly "You don cast us"? Chuka shrugged, and made a silent plea to his friends..

 Ifeyinwa laughed, just as Martin said something about how suprising this meeting was to him, and how he seeing her now made him jealous of Chuka.

 She was particularly happy today. Particularly happy he considered her worthy enough to meet his friends, and seeing how great they all are. She shut her eyes, exhaled and held Chuka's hand.

❤ Kasie Obiefune❤.

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