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Pregnant 2.

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Adanna tried Kelvin's line again on her way to the hospital. She wondered if he was avoiding her on purpose. He was supposed to be here, with her!. He knew everything about her. He knew enough to make him know that she only puts up a strong face for her mother and sister, and that in times like this, worries and frustration are her only companions. 

 Where was he?, she wondered. Why wasn't he picking her calls? Did she do something to piss him off? Was it not only four months ago that their relationship had been the talk of Unilag?

 She remembered how he would come pick her up on weekends, to the envy of her hostel mates.The girls in Moremi Hall Unilag could't hide their shame and wouldn't be dignified in it. Whenever an obviously rich guy comes to pick up one of their's , they would stare and stare, making cooing sounds and showing off envy filled faces.

 Kelvin was her roommates' favorite. He always got things for everyone whenever he visited. Her bunk-mate adored him and her sidey too. To them, he was a treasure Adanna should never let go off. It was almost impossible letting her stay in the room on weekends. They were always of the opinion that she should be in Kelvin's place all the time, so she could buy them goodies on her way back.

He was an angel of some sorts. He is the main reason why she hadn't asked her mother for allowances for a couple of months now. He's always provided for her, gives her monthly allowances, takes her to the salon every other day, and practically adores her. He was her life and all, and she has always thanked her stars for bringing him her way.....until now.

 "Hello Adanna" The voice on the other end of the line said.

 Adanna heaved a sigh of relief. She was beginning to think something had happened to him. She felt a sort of tingle at the sound of his voice, put she pinched herself to make the feeling go away. There was no time for any baby cute feeling right now. She was mad and did not want to stop feeling that way. 

 "Kelvin Ezenwa, so you are still alive! How good!....What is wrong with you? Why did you disappear like that? Did you think of what it would do to me? How could you do this to me? What did I do wrong? What did I do?"

 Kelvin laughed.. "Calm down, and behave like someone who is educated" 

 Adanna's ear cringed, and she asked herself if she heard him well. "Kelvin, what did you just say me?" She asked.

 "I said you should stop ranting" He replied. "I do not know why you are making this a big case, I stopped calling on purpose. I gave us a distance on purpose. It was my decision to make, so stop acting like a mad woman, you are better than that" 

 Adanna laughed. The kind of laugh one lets out when you are not sure if your consciousness is truly yours.

 "I am going insane isn't it?" She asked herself. "I mean this cannot be my kelvin I am speaking with. I am definitely going insane"

 "Kelvin, are you really saying these things to me,do you realise it me, Adanna, that you are saying these things to?" 

 Kelvin laughed again, this time it was abrupt. "You mean, you wanted to rope me into your diabolic family, have you no heart?"

 What was he talking about? 

 "I wanted to propose to you Adanna, the night after your birthday, I wanted to propose to you.Remember a call came in and I excused myself to answer it"? 

 "Yes", Adanna replied.. "Yes I remember". 

 "Well, it turned out mama had a bad dream and wanted to talk to me about it. I tried to get her to tell me what it was about over the phone but she wouldn't bulge, so the next day I had to travel to the village. She had already called a meeting with my uncles and the family pastor. 

I was shocked to see them there. The pastor told me I was about to do something drastic. Something that would ruin my life forever." 

He paused.. "Adanna, why did you not tell me there is a curse in your family? Did you plan to ruin my life after all I have done for you"?

 "I do not know what you are talking about" she said.

 There is a curse in your family Ada, and I do not want to be associated with evil. This is the last time I will call you. Stay away from me. Whatever your father did, whatever punishment he got, it's not mine to be part of. Just stay away from me I beg you. 

 The line went dead.

Adanna's head was spinning. She saw a tree near the hospital's entrance and sat on its roots. She didn't know how to process the call she just received. Her head was spinning  and she felt like fainting.

 She picked her phone, and dialed her mother's number.

 Her mother picked after the first two rings.

 "Maama", She started, amidst tears. "WHAT KILLED MY FATHER?"....

To be Continued.........


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