Monday, 13 February 2017

New Contributor Alert!!!!!


A Lady And Life..... has a new writer. You'd not only get to explore my ideologies alone.... But hers as well... 🔥 So many of you have pushed me to be express myself better.... To be more.. To limit myself not....and I am doing just that..... But now, I'm not doing it alone...
Kpaduwa Victory is on this journey with me... Together, we'd take to a whole new dimension. She understands
that words have power and can change a person's mindset... And that is the kind of partner I've always wanted.

 Her first post would be up on the blog soon... Please, tell your friends about It's where you can.. 1. Submit articles.. 2. Grab public attention
3. Read articles of people who have deep experiences they want to share.. 4. Become part of our community both on the blog and here on Facebook. To do these things... Visit to read attention grabbing fiction... And Share perceptions.
Welcome, Kpaduwa Victory. Partner in words. 💋

 P.S For Article Submissions, Please send a mail to and you'd get a reply immediately. Thank You

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