Friday, 10 February 2017

A Friend Of Mine Thinks Valentines Day Is Overrated.

I was speaking with a friend of mine today and somehow we started talking about the recent hype over February 14th.

I told her about some posts I've seen on my Instagram page about some girls and their demands for the coming week.  She didn't even let me end my sentence before saying the whole thing is just an Overrated piece of s**t.

She says people take the opportunity to show parts of themselves and their relationships.. To get social media approval and that if what you feel for your partner is truly love, it should be between the both of you.,what the public thinks or will think shouldn't be the bone of contention.

I tried telling her most true couples get engaged with the social media on that day too. Personally I do not really see posting pictures as a bad thing... I feel it's just a "keeping up with moments shared"  thing... Or maybe not..

I cannot wait for it to be over so this craze would mellow down. It's beginning to turn into something else I can't comprehend.
What about you? Do you have plans for your partner this valentine?
Or you have the same perception as my friend?
Tell us let us know.

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