Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What's Your Take On Women Who Drink Beer When They Are On A Date With Their Partner?

For some men, especially those who claim to have grown up abroad or schooled abroad whatever the case may be, this is a huge turnoff.Most men want you to be on your best behavior when they take you out. Like, be as meek as a lamb. Don't move. Don't do anything, smile at boring jokes, play the role of a perfect girlfriend, cross your legs and say "Thank you" in the tiniest of voices at the end of every question you are asked by his friends. Just be his robot in general, let him be your king.

While some other men let you have your say. Now, the thing is, as a girl, whether you are on a date with either of these men, can you, when you are asked to order a drink, ask for beer? Like beer beer, like star, gulder, legend extra stout and the like. Do you look at bobo's face to know his reaction when doing this?

As a man, is this embarrassing or just a normal situation? What's your take?

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