Saturday, 21 January 2017


It did not start with the headache. No. It started with something a little bit more complicated than that. Adanna knew something was wrong when she did not see her period a month after she slept in Kelvin's place, or the month after that. Her fears turned into nightmares when after the fourth month, no signs of red stains occupied her pant liner, only white, a different kind of white. 

 You see, it didn't hurt hurt that Adanna did not see her period. It didn't hurt that her appetite, something she treasured so much and held so close to her heart, had flown away from her for weeks on end. It didn't hurt, didn't hurt at all. What hurt was that Kelvin was nowhere to be found, for four months now. She had called his four lines, paid visits to his home on Chevron Drive, she had sent him voice mails, stating how worried she was she couldn't hear from him, requesting a return of calls. 

She had waited, but none had come. It hurt, and tore her apart more than anything had ever done, even made her consider suicide twice when she thought of her mother.

 Obidiya Akudiya was a woman of few words. Many peopled loved her because she somehow proved that it was very achievable, living in poverty, and raising daughters of good repute and character. Anulika, her first child and Adanna's immediate elder sister, was in the big city of Port Harcourt, having almost completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps, known as NYSC . Obidiya took pride in the fact that while in school, Anulika's character did not change, as was the usual amongst youths of her age. She still came home almost every weekend, to help with the grinding of corn and frying of Garri.

Adanna had always held both her mother and sister in high esteem, and wanted to do everything she could to take them all out of the difficult situation they've been experiencing since her father died. So, that afternoon, when her phone rang and she saw her mother's name "Obidiya" ( A name she had always cherished and respected) on the phone screen, her heart skipped thousands of beats.

 " Nwam" Her mother started, when she finally summoned up courage and picked the call, "Imelu anyaa? , How are you faring over there in Lagos"?

 Adanna swallowed her saliva and gasped for air. How could she tell her? How could she tell her this? She would feel so so betrayed, so done for. She has done everything to make her and her sister comfortable. Burdening her mother with this sad news was the last thing on her mind. 

 "Adannaya! Asim Imelu anyaaa! (Adannaya, I said how are you?)" Obidiya repeated, jiving her back to realiity. 

 "Mama, I'm fine, how is Anuli? Did she come home last weekend? "Anuli is fine. She is almost through with service, very soon, your sister would start working in a normal office, not that akara place she is now and they will pay her lots of money...Ego Characha!"

 "Yes oo mama!, I cannot wait" Anulika replied, absent minded.

 "What is this thing I sense in your voice"?

 "Ehh mama, it is nothing, I'm just recovering from a sickness I had days ago, it's the drugs I'm taking, the side effects are too numerous to mention"

 "Gini bukwa "Numerous"?" Obidiya asked. "It means big mama, big!"

 "Oh Nwam, deeje... Welldone, I have learned a new word.. That means, very soon , Anulika my daughter would start earning Numerous money!"

 Adanna laughed, she could see her mother was happy. Her mother's happiness was her happiness and she wouldn't soil it for anything in this world. She would see to it that Kelvin owns up to his responsibilities. Tomorrow, she would go to the clinic to confirm her suspicions, even though something kept telling her she needed no confirmation. Then, she would visit Kelvin's flat again, and again, and again, until she gets to meet him, she would tell him of the child inside of her, and all would be well. 

With this resolution on her mind she hastened her conversation with her mother, dropped the call, and laid down to sleep.

To be continued.............

❤ Kasie Obiefune❤.

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