Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How To Know If He's Husband Material.

Kaasala will burst when you find out you've been dating your bobo for more than five years now and he's not showing any sign of wanting to settle down or do something serious with his life. Even when you give him signs by leaving breadcrumbs on the floor, no show. Kaasala will burst.. Surely.

Some girls find it so so hard to understand their partners. You wee be dating someone for a long time and you still do not understand his mood swings. You cannot tell when he's happy, when he's sad, mad, angry, being playful, or damn serious, the whole relationship has you feeling like a tse-tse fly in a room searching for the perfect blood to suck, and leaving zigzag-like lines in your wake.

So, how can you tell if Bobo is the one you should go to Dubai with, and make babies while at it after saying "I do" ? Here's how:

1. He Has A Cannot-Do-Without Sense Of Humor.

Seriously tell me, what is better than knowing that when you get into our own mood swing, someone would always be there to cheer you up? What is better than that? You need a sweetheart that'll tell you what happened in Anambra in 1845 on those nights when N.E.P.A disappoints. You are looking for a sense of humor that is  generous, Positive, Kind and makes life more fun. If Bobo can do this, you might want to consider him. He's 750 yards of Husband Material.

2. He Accepts You For Who You Are.

Lobatan!. There is nothing like a man who understands you when you throw your tantrums, or eats bread and mayonnaise with you because you love it even though he prefers butter. Nothing like a king who knows you love only high heeled shoes, and wouldn't be caught in a slipper, and because he knows this, stocks your closet with different designer or Aba shoes as the case may be just to make you feel good about  yourself. Cling to this one oh! He is husband material. 1000 yards.

3. He Knows When To Stay Humble And When To Showcase His Ego.

While dating this man, open your eyes well enough. Does he get angry at the slightest provocation? How long does he take to calm down? Does he accept his faults and works hard to change them? If yes, do not let him go.

5. He Protects You.

If this man you are dating speaks out for you, praises you in public whether you are there or not, encourages others to patronize  you, disagrees with anyone who thinks you are not right for him, has something that resembles six packs (because not all guys can achieve this feat,lol), can carry you upandan and not break his spine, please, for the sake of  the dancing butterflies in your stomach, do not let go of him. He's yours. Yours.

6. When He Says "I love you" Your Heart Beats Twice As Fast.

Do you believe your heart can hang, like.... hang. If you don't believe me, fall in love truly and let him whisper these words to you, then you would understand. If you  a lucky enough to be in a relationship with a hopeless romantic..Haa my sister ekun gbadun! . It is only true love that can make your heart hang o! or get involved in a marathon. If one Bobo like that is making you experience these things, please say yes when he proposes. Sharp Sharp!.

7.You Can Fart In His Presence And Go Scot Free.

What's not to keep in this one? Or you think it is everyone that can take smelly fart? You are mistaken. You'd be shocked to know that a number of girls cannot do this in the presence of the person they are dating. Arrant Nonsense. Let this serve as your watchword...

8. His Family Knows And Appreciates You.

You must enter the family too naa... You cannot be dating only the boyfriend when you are not sardine that Buhari's regime is producing. If he makes his family get to know you, involves you in family stuff from time to time, makes you feel like one big aunty that people can respect and love, you are good to go. Seize The Bae!

Yes! These points I have listed must work like magic and can reorganize your eyesight to see what is right there in front of you. Seize the bae if he has some of these qualities. SEIZE THE BAE if he has all! Make him yours before this girl grabs him.

Seize The Bae Now!

Kasie O.

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