Sunday, 8 January 2017

How To Impress His Mother.

A lot of girls would agree with me that they they suddenly get goose bumps when Bobo says it's time to meet his mum. Some start thinking of what to wear, how to speak,  how to walk and all manner of etiquettes. It becomes worse when you must have heard a thing or two from him about how much of a strict disciplinarian she is.
So you wonder, "What should I do to make this woman happy?  Would she love me?"
Here are a couple of tricks you can apply when you meet her that are proven to work as fast as the speed of light.

1. Gesticulate as often as you can.   

If mummy is a Yoruba woman this should grab her attention. Nothing better than a respectful and obedient daughter-in-law. Women from this tribe hold girls who accord to rules and regulations and who show they have good home training in high esteem.  Gesticulate for mama today. You can be guaranteed a position in bobo's family when you do this,  and a certain level of relationship with his mama.

2. When she gets up to get you something to drink from the kitchen, go with her.

Do not let her go into the kitchen by herself o. This one is a real time bomb. When she says '"Let me get you something to drink", say " Mama let me go with you".  This speaks well of you. It shows how helpful and respectful you are and can be. Most mothers test their future daughter in-law, using this technique. Do not think she is being nice by offering! It's a test!

3. Find Out The Things She Likes From Bobo And Get Them For Her When You Want To Visit.

If Mummy is a makeup freak and BAE has told  you a story or two about how his mother cannot see face primer and pass, please get her face primer. If it is TARA foundation she likes, get her TARA.Get anything that would draw out that first smile from her to you!

4. Laugh At Her Jokes Even When They Are Not Funny.

This one works like magic. Fiam! and you are on your way to becoming the newest daughter in law in town. When she begins to tell you what happened to her in 1968, in a bid to get you to laugh, please start laughing. Shine your 32 and say things like "Mum, you are so so funny" . She'd blush, and will secretly call her son to tell him how much of a listener you are and  how attentive to the family's needs you will be.

5. Compliment The Food.

Women love compliments. Shower her with all you got.

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