Thursday, 26 January 2017

Happenings In My Life Lately..

Hi Cuties, 

 How has it been with you? Trust you are bubbling with bright life? Am I really asking this? Of course I know you are. Well, thank God, 'cos I need some of your strength to add to mine. This week has not been easy at all, at all. From reading for a series of tests, to almost losing it in a bid to find solutions to a project my teammates and I have until less than a month to submit, to cashlessness

You see why I need at least a little of your shine? lol I grew shorter. Imagine how very contradicting that sounds, but , it's true. I checked my height last year and was very happy with what I saw, only for me to check it again and I was seeing something, Did I really get shorter? Pheeeew! What to do, anyone?

Some good news. I got a couple of writing jobs and it's been keeping me busy, that's why I haven't been updating that much of late. But, I'm beginning to feel somehow..Like I am betraying "A Lady And Life" and lusting after owo ( Money). That would change very soon. 

 Have you read all the stories in the FICTION category? What are you waiting for? Read it and let me know what you think okay? Meanwhile, here's one whose next episode would be out before the week runs out. So, if you haven't read any, you can click on the links one after the other to read all, then join the waiting gang for the next episode! *wink*. 

 I need more jobs oh! Biko! if you know anyone who wants to hire a remote content developer for any website, blog, anything, anything, just holla at your girl! I'm so loyal right now! Thank You!!!!!!

 Click the links to read different episodes of "WHEN IN FUTO!"

Let me know what you think after each episode okay? I'd really appreciate it.! Ciao!

❤ ❤Kasie Obiefune❤❤.

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