Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Can Love And Recession Walk Hand In Hand In Nigeria?

Guys, how many ladies have you Chyked recently? How many have you taken to the cinema, bought pretty dresses for, even ice cream- because she likes it? Recession has really taken and is still taking pounds of flesh from harmless Nigerians. Somebody cannot get free food, free bike rides,even shawarma again. It's that serious. A few days ago on my way to the market I boarded a bus. A boy and a pretty lady sat just in front of my sit beside the driver. When it was time to bring out money to pay, the guy dipped his hand into his trousers and brought out money, which he give to the driver. Then, it was the girl's turn to pay. She kept quiet.

 The driver had to ask her two times to "Bring her money naa" before she even knew he was taking to her. She turned to the guy beside her, obviously shocked at being asked to pay for her own bus ride. "Ahan, Nnaemeka you didn't pay?" she asked. The poor guy didn't utter a word, he just shook his head. The girl hissed and brought out the money. Some people in the bus started giggling and chuckling. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to laugh so hard but I didn't want it to seem like I was an "Overdo", so I "jejely" kept mute where I was.

That scenario made me think. What if the girl wasn't with any money. It would have been more of an embarrassment than what it was already. Tufia! Such thing wouldn't happen to me o. Amen! She obviously got into the bus with the intention of having the boy pay her fare, maybe she was used to him paying or something. I'm sure the boy wouldn't forget the expression she had on her face for a very long time. 

This economy has us feeling so confused. So many things we are used to are changing before our eyes.. Hiked prices, low competency in service rendering firms, an overall downgrade in general. I pray things get better.

 Even fufu is no longer two wraps for 50 Naira.

 I just can't deal.

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