Wednesday, 4 January 2017

5 Reasons Why Girls Play Hard To Get.

There are several reasons why a girl would make a guy go through quests upon quests before finally accepting to date him. Ranging from the fact that she might want a confident guy, who knows what he wants and knows how to work for it, to knowing that if she eventually agrees to date him, he can always stand up for his right. Whatever reason there is, girls appreciate guys who show that time and constant turn downs do not deter them from getting what they want. So, here are some of the reasons why;

1. It Gives Her Some Level Of Dignity.

Every girl wants to be a boss chic, even the ones that cannot walk in heels.
Recent times have proven that when a girl hurriedly accepts a dating proposal from a random guy, two things are always involved. It's either he is serious with wanting to date you, or he  has some hidden agenda. Girls love to think "Oh, this guy has been chasing me for about nine months now, maybe he's serious, any normal guy would have backed out" So, they accept after acknowledging the guy's persistence.

2. She Has Been Hurt Before.

When a girl has experienced heartbreak, it becomes difficult trusting someone else. She would always feel the new person would do the same thing to her. Most times, in this case, she isn't playing hard to get, she's building up her defenses. The guy might start noticing softness on her part only after she has been able to pull down her walls to give an new relationship a try. Sometimes the heartbreak might not have been hers, maybe a friend's or a colleague, either way, she pulls away because she does not want to experience such thing.

3. She Just Wants To Play With Your Mind.

Some girls can do this for the world! When they find out a guy likes them, and is ready to do anything for her to his, they begin to play with him. They tease him even as he comes back for more. So, he is pushed and pulled back, pushed and pulled again, like an elastic object whose yield point is being checked.

4. She Has A Bet Placed Somewhere That She Can Use You How She Likes.

Close you mouth!!! Some girls do this, even guys too. A group of friends might  gather in a club one night an use a particular guy as a subject topic. Yeah. It might be that you as the guy, are the subject topic and every activity you have with the lady is being reported back to her circle of friends.Sometimes the girl falls truly in love, other times she doesn't.

5.For Value's Sake

 Most women play hard to get because it will allow her to find a strong and confident guy. They believe it will make the guy want her more and value her more than other girls that hurriedly accept. Sometimes, when a guy gets a girl after a long period of trying, he would consider her special because she made him work. When girls see that this worked for people around them, they implement it too.

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