Saturday, 10 December 2016

Where Not To Propose To Your Girlfriend In Naija.

Trust me people, every girl, loves and wants a fairytale proposal. Bellanaija proposal to be exact. How can one boy like that do all these things I'm going to list out and expect 100% happiness radiating on the face of a girl who has bellanaija bookmarked on her phone.

1. At the Bar.

Do Not Do That!, Don't .Your baby might have
followed you there just to please you, not like it was her heart's intent. Popping the question in the presence of strangers with bottles in their hands, probably drunk enough not to remember the proposal happened. Instead of a yes, you might get one big frown that'll throw you off balance.

2. In The Rain.

Na So. Brother na Nigerians we be. I don't want to believe guys watch and would want to imitate what they see in Indian movies. No way! What is that? How would she see your through emotions with the rain running down your face and you are trying to blink to prevent the ring from falling off your hands. No brother no!

3. In The Market.

Don't even try it!.

4.In The Hospital.

Hmm, even if the both of you are die hard doctors don't oo. How can you start  your life together from the hospital? Do you want all round sickness? Get yourselves out, take her to a nice place , get down on one knee and  do the damn thing!

5. Other places I cannot even bear to think of.

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