Saturday, 10 December 2016

What Technology Are You Grateful For?

Lemmie see.....

There was really never much fun before the Internet so that is where a big bunch of my gratitude goes to. I get to do all these cool stuff, talk to you guys, air my views on any issue I so please, literally  get to do anything I want, sign up for any social network I like, play any video I love through various interesting platforms such as vimeo, youTube etc, so yes. Thank You Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm most grateful for my cell phone. Life is boring without it. I can boast of the number of connections I've made  through usage of this beautiful, beautiful device. I love the fact that when I'm in need of who to gossip with, or missing someone, or in need of into, I can simply pick this little baby of mine and swipe away, and of course with the latest advancements in technology everyday gets better. There's either a new app to download or a new song to play. There's also gossip.There are games, and love matching apps to fool around with. I'm so so grateful to Alexander Graham Bell for this wonderful invention and the wonderful wonderful people out there that have worked so hard to modify it.

There are other technologies of course, many of which we use everyday to make our lives easier. I'm grateful for all of them too.

What about you? What technology are you grateful for? Tell me. Let me know.

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