Thursday, 8 December 2016

Diary Of A Dark FUTO Girl...(7)

This is not my story. It is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with a living or dead person , or thing, is purely coincidental

Week 8: Wednesday

You see, when you are a student of FUTO, you need no one to tell you how things work in here. FUTO students are occupants of various building called departments in a community. We do the strangest things. We believe in the strangest things. Love in here can only be true if it is expressed in form of personal tutorials or engine drawing sessions. What Gabriel tried to do to me was awful, and it hurt me in the most painful way because I was actually beginning to fall for him. Imagine me, Chioma Nnadiegwu, falling for someone like Gabriel. It took a lot. A whole lot.Now, every single feeling I have pushed out of my head and mind, locked the doors, and have thrown away the keys. 

So, when I walked into SUNIC that afternoon
 to help myself to a very expensive but well deserved meal, it was with a stone heart. Even when one guy like that who sat opposite me was giving me something that looked like a wink and a twist of his already twisted mouth, I did not act as though his efforts were directed at me.

After eating to my satisfaction I left. When I got to OLD SEET roundabout, I got a call from Ifeoma. She wanted to know if I'd stop by the hostel since it had been a while we saw each other. I checked my wrist watch and a pocket jotter I always carried around to know if I had any upcoming activity. Seeing non, I headed for the hostel.

I had not even walked into Ify's room before shrill screams of "Chioma!! Chioma" filled the entire room. Ifeoma ran straight into my arms and didn't want to let go.

"Ahan Ify, leave me naa" I said to her, slightly embarrassed at how tightly she held unto me.Her roommates looked on.

"I can't baby girl, I've missed you oo. Since you moved into your room in Eziobodo, you've never visited, It's not fair oo"

She turned her face away from me, in feigned annoyance, and I in turn placed my two palms against each other, my apologies on my  mind.

"Come and sit down" She said. "Tell me everything that has been happening with you. The last time I called you were saying something about that "mumu" Gabriel. I remember, but you weren't sounding so well and I wanted to hear it from you, face to face"

"Gabriel tried to rape me Ifeoma" I muttered against my breath.

Ifeoma blinked, and closed her eyes, and it got me scared. I have known her long enough to know that she only gets that way when she's deeply worried or hateful about something or someone. I wondered what she would do.

"Ify....." I started.

"Chioma I warned you about that guy, but you wouldn't listen. I warned you, I did. Oh I hate him! Tell me everything. Tell me how it happened" 

Ifeoma's voice was shaking. I did not know whether to tell her the whole truth or not, but I knew there was no way I could leave her room without baring my heart to her, and even though her roommates, especially the one called Natasha kept looking at the both of us, their ears jumping up and down at our every word or action, I started.

"Gabriel came into my room the day I came back from seeing my Aunt in Aba ....He................."

TO BE CONTINUED..........................

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