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"What Goes Around" By Ify Tony-Monye Is A Book You Should Read Over And Over Again!!

"What Goes Around" by Ify Tony-Monye is not just any book, but a book  that has managed to catch my fancy. In my quest to look for exciting things to do around the house, I came across this wonderfully and creatively written mind captivator. I could not drop this book until I had gotten to the last page, and that is something I rarely do.

This Is Ify's first Book , surprisingly, and she did not even study to be a writer. Amazing!!

Here's a brief summary based on the back cover:

"A fender bender brings Chizo and Difu together, leading to a friendship that blossoms till cupid strikes and they decide to get married. All in the course of nature, one would say. But, their decision unknowingly to them sets off a chain of events so terrible that one finds it hard to believe.
Awele conspires with Kosi to put the spanner in the works-all efforts thwarted every step of the way. Uche and Dozie stands behind their friends but are on their own swamped by life's everyday troubles. Both experience personal tragedies that change their views about life and helps form their characters-or lack of it. Death from natural courses, unintended murder; and then a suicide rocks the community, the circumstances surrounding these fatalities gruesome enough to send any witnesses off their heads. A monster is born to Chizo and Difu, further escalating an already precarious situation, but who really is to blame"

What Goes Around is a fictional novel centered on a story about two friends who marry out of sincere love but have to fight through the intrigues and manipulations driven by overwhelming self-serving interests of family members and friends to protect and preserve their union. It captures the unchecked excesses of an overbearing mother who, in a bid to maintain the friendship of a family that helped her in time of need, inadvertently, or so it seems, metes out to her daughter in-law the fate she suffered in the hands of her parents-in-law at the inception of her relationship with her husband prior to their marriage. 
In the process, she destroys her son’s marriage, loses her only son and the wife and bequeaths her fortunes to a monster she unwittingly created. What Goes Around tells the story of a family in contemporary southeastern Nigeria society and their relationships, with the intrigues and manipulations arising from the many usually attendant competing interests in relationships that often leave the players gasping for breath in a desperate effort to live what should be rather normal lives. It teaches the readers to respect people’s right to self determination about their choices in life because undue interference could have unpleasant consequences for all the parties.
In this intrigue and suspense-filled masterpiece, the budding story-teller, Ify Tony-Monye, captures the existential realities of a contemporary southeastern Nigeria society where meddlesomeness by family often determines the fate and ruinous outcomes of marital relationships, and indeed the overall fortunes of the family.  What Goes Around is a story about Chukwudifu Okwuosa, from Aniugwu community in eastern Nigeria, and Chizoba Ofoma, whose friendship and subsequent love affair ends in the ultimately desirable way- marriage. 
A friendship that starts from a rather rare ironic circumstance, a minor accident referred to by the author as “fender bender” grows into marriage and struggles to survive frantic and persistent efforts by Kosi, his prejudiced mother, to thwart it. Kosi’s efforts to convince him to marry the daughter of their family friend and his childhood friend fail in each instance and leads to weeks of face-off between mother and son; escape from death by the whiskers from his hands in a brawl; several confrontations; slap incidents involving Difu and Chizo- all in desperation to return favor to a family friend and erstwhile business rival of her late husband who comes to rescue her business from the financial doldrums the late husband, a shrewd businessman, plunged it. 
But Difu, driven by a consuming youthful blaze of passion and affection for the wife of his personal choice, stands his ground, setting off a cascade of events filled with intrigues and maneuvers. Despite the futility of her efforts, Kosi presses on and becomes more daring to the point of employing diabolical means to eliminate Chizo. In her maddening desperation, she forgets she suffered a similar fate in the hands of her parents-in-law moments before her marriage, even though her parents-in-law didn’t subject her to as much agony as she is making Chizo pass through. But nature has a way of passing across its message to mortals, especially those who want to play god to others.
 In a twist of fate, what goes around is starting to come around as Difu’s life ends tragically from chronic consumption of her poisonous potions! Chizo, pregnant with their first and only child, is spared, albeit temporarily, as she is later to be delivered of a monster, no thanks to months of consumption of Kosi’s poison. Unexpectedly, the story takes another turn here as Chizo, in frustration, takes her own life to join Difu. But she is not alone in the desire to end this seemingly unending tragic drama. Kosi joins her too, after seeing the monster she unwittingly created and leaves a suicide note bequeathing all her earthly possession to the child. 
What goes around has finally come around! As the once pleasant story of love and enduring will turns tragic, Dozie and Uche, the mutual friends of Difu and Chizo, show them the true meaning of friendship: they stayed on with them through the storm. As Dozie pales out into oblivion, Uche inadvertently becomes a single mother courtesy of a brief encounter with a Casanova! This work of creative art is a lesson on the need to respect the right of individuals to self determination over their choices in life and the true meaning of love and friendship. 

This is a story of love, hatred, betrayal, that enthralls, deeply moves, amazes and spans across three generations.Get it! Thank Me Later! 

Can be gotten across bookstores near you, or you can click HERE

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