Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Public Display Of Affection: Your Take?

Being in love is everything. You want to be with each other all the time, you want to hold hands, you want people to have their fill of sparkles and butterflies when you are around them. Some people love to express it, whereas, others prefer to be very private in their expressions, either by holding hands or doing other things that might or might not insinuate a romantic atmosphere.

I've come to observe though, that the different ways in which couples show their love for each other in public,reflect deeply rooted dynamics in their relationship. Most couples engage in PDA's without being aware of it.It sometimes defies the sincerity of their relationship.

Common ways through which couples show their affection for each other in public can either be by:

  1. Holding hands.
  2. Linking arms together.
  3. Making frequent eye contact.
  4. Putting hands in each other's pockets.
  5. Playing with their fingers.
  6. Gentle strokes.
  7. A hug from the back.

When we experience PDA's people exhibit, the first thing that comes to mind is "They are happy", but are they really? Can we really measure the level of a couple's happiness with what they show us? I do not think so. But, I cannot fail to mention that I have experienced really sincere displays of affection, and it also doesn't mean that some other people give to the public what they want the public to see.

So, what do you think about PDA. Is it Disrespectful? Romantic? or outright Disgusting?

Tell me.


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