Tuesday, 18 October 2016

When In FUTO Episode...5

Ifeyinwa got up from the bed and pulled her curtains apart, she went to the corner of the room where her huge mirror was attached to the wall, and pulled her nightgown tightly to her  body, revealing the shape of her perfectly curved buttocks.

"Hmm", she said. "Someone is having big bom bom oo, kill them boys" She giggled. 

She tried to remember what happened last night when Amaka left, with the promise to come around during the weekend. Her night had been filled with anticipation. The fact that she was going to see Chuka today, the fact that she did not even know why she agreed to meet him. Everything. She had told herself though,
not to easily dismiss the boy, to give him the benefit of the doubt, and besides how could she not see him again, after their first experience. God!, she had never met anyone like him. He was so comported, so good with words.

She briefly imagined them married. She imagined him telling to kids "Chielota, will you get down from there this instant, do not make your mother worry!" she smiled because even his character in her head seemed perfect, but she told herself not to rush things, so as not to give him the impression that she was readily available.

It was 12:oopm when she finished applying her makeup. Chuka had called, to tell her he was waiting at SUNIC. She hurriedly applied mascara and used her eye linger to draw a winged line on her eyelid that gave her the cat look, then she closed her door and headed for SUNIC.


Chuka Uzodinma was sweating, really sweating. His palms were slimy and he could feel droplets of his sweat trailing his face in a downward movement and descending on the table. He looked at his watch, it was 11:43 AM. He had just dropped his phone after speaking with Ify. 

"Ify", he called out softly. He loved the way her name sounded on his lips. Mild. Beautiful.Everything.

His friends had put him up to this. He chuckled when he remembered how Gabriel, Tony, Nnayelugo and Martin had contributed money for him to take her out, telling him they wanted to be part of something big, and that if she agreed to date him, he would give them back their money in tenfolds. They were such great friends, the five of them. He wouldn't trade their friendship for anything in this world. They have been through the worst and came out strong.

Most people expected them to quarrel during exams, as was the usual practice amongst friends, but not them. They did not depend on each other for grades, and they did not even sit together most times during exams. They still topped their class every semester, to the surprise of most people, who didn't expect boys like them with different personalities to achieve such great feat over and over again.

Something told him to look up and when he did, he saw her. His Ifeyinwa to be. He got up as she approached his table, and made to help her with her chair

To be continued..................

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