Friday, 12 August 2016

When In FUTO.....Episode 4

The very moment Ifeyinwa opened the door, she screamed. It was Amaka, her best friend from  secondary school.. They were always together and most people considered them lesbians. It was a shock seeing her here, as she hardly saw anyone from her secondary school here in FUTO.

"Nwannem ooooo!!!" Ifeyinwa screamed, throwng her arms wide open, she hugged Amaka thightly, and they both danced round and round.

"IFYYYYYYYYY" Amaka screamed. "I thought I was seeing someone else. I was at the buka near Eziobodo Road when you passed and I had to wipe my face twice to make sure it was you."

Ifeyinwa giggled. "So you followed me?"

"Yes baby". She replied.. "I had to, you got on a bike before I could call your name"

Ifeyinwa was happy. She was so happpy she started to sob. The shock of seeing Amaka, the shock of having to relieve all the beautiful experiences they had together, the thought of having to remember that Amaka's parents had to relocate to far away Maiduguri and they lost contact, the thought of everything, was so overwhelming.

Amaka raised her hands and wiped Ifeyinwa"s eye with her handkerchief. "Awwww, don't cry, this is too much for me too. I never thought I would see you again. I saw some of our classmates sometime last year when I visited Anambara for the Christmas celebrations, but none of them seemed to have your number. I am so happy I saw you now"

"So happy" Ifeyinwa repeated after her, then wiped her face. "What would you like to have?"

"HMMMM Ify,conversations!" Amaka mouthed. "Tell me what has been happpening with you. Tell me why you chose FUTO". Do you know how suprised I am to see you here?"

"It was only normal" Ifeyinwa replied. "I wanted Information Technology, and this was the only school that had a course like that"

"and you've always been a lover of computers" Amaka sighed.

"Yes, you know me so well"

"Come, let's sit, let me tell you about this boy I met yesterday" She drew Amaka close to her, and they both sat on the bed, close to the wall.

"Yesterday..." Ifeoma started.........

To be Continued............

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