Sunday, 7 August 2016

Chyking Chronicles !

The name is somewhat funny I know. I laugh whenever I remember how it came to be. I was having a chit chat with my friend  Martin, and I told him how I wanted to document and write about some of the most ridiculous punchlines I've gotten from some guys in school.  Throughout the conversation I kept using the word "Chyke", and I'm sure some, if not all of you, are familiar with the it. If you are a girl like me it would be a crime not to know what it means. How can you not, when it has, over the years replaced the phrase "to ask out"?.

A girl would say, "Lawrence, that boy with the big head and rabbit tooth, ehen!, that boy eh, he chyked me yesterday".In the past two years, this single word had metamorphosed into some sort of humor awakener, and has stuck with us ever since. Boys who chyke are called Chykers, and the act itself is called Chyking.

As a girl, I have experienced every method of chyking. From old borrowed lines, to the new uninteresting ones
, I have heard it all, and it gives me some sort of joy, that boys find me worthy of chyking, that I can remember the names of the boys who chyked, and all their methods.

So, in a bid to keep this spirit ever young, I have decided to, each week, relieve a chyking experience. I chose to do this because I know it is a part of life,a reoccurring process, something every girl has gone/will go through. For the sake of privacy though I would change names, but any experience I would be relieving would not be far from the actual truth.

This is not just my tale to tell though. It's for all of us, everyone who has ever experienced wooing. 

Send in your stories and have them published. If you are a guy, you can send in yours too. it's not for the ladies alone.*wink*

Send them to, and you'd receive a reply almost immediately...

Kasie O.


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