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Chyking Chronicles: Jessica's Library Love.

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My name is Jessica.(real name. There are so many people who bear the name, so people would not know it is me lol) Let me go straight to the real story.

I always frequent the library whenever the exams are approaching so I can stay in a conducive environment and achieve maximum silence for exam preparation. The first semester exams were close and as usual, the library was my reading abode. For sometime , I had noticed a particular pair of eyes on me each time I am reading. Anytime I raise my head away from my books, I find his eyes still on me. I asked myself if he doesn't have self control. Why was he looking at me like that? I ignored him though, and continued reading.

This attitude continued other days I came to the library, and even when once, when I tried to stare back so he would remove his eyes, he didn't. My efforts were useless. I decided to ignore him totally, but I kept asking myself why he kept looking at me that way. He was quite handsome, I had noticed, and also fair and tall. I knew this when he stood to plug his laptop in the socket on the wall.

One day, when I came to the library as usual, and sat, I noticed someone dropped a piece of paper on my book on the table while going to his seat. I looked up,
and it was the same handsome dude. My heart skipped a beat and curiosity made me open the paper to read what was inscribed on it.

"You are very beautiful". 

That was the sentence inscribed, written in a calligraphic handwriting on a nicely torn rectangular sheet, I guess from his note book.

Kasie, I couldn't concentrate on what I was reading. Anytime I tried to, I would hear a soft voice playing in my head, the same words as the piece of paper in my hands. My thoughts were filled with how handsome he was and I started imagining a lot of love scenes with him in my head. I had to slap myself to order softly to the surprise of the the girl sitting beside me. It was a soft slap though. lol!

The next day, I went to the library very early to get a seat in a particular position I knew he could see me clearly. The night before I couldn't sleep. I was always seeing the words on that piece of paper. Alongside the imaginary voice I gave to him, it played in my head continuously. I prayed he would talk to me the next day.

That particular day, I had already spent about 4 hours in the library and I was very hungry. Reason being I left home early to get a better position. I wanted to step out to find something to eat but I did not because  I wanted him to come into the library first. He later came in and sat. I arranged myself and waited for him to approach me, no show.

1 hour 30 minutes more and I couldn't hold the hunger anymore, so I had to leave. I was packing my books and stealing glances at him but he seemed not to notice because he was talking to another guy beside him. I stepped out from my seat but he didn't still notice. "Mtchheww, this guy is not serious", I said to myself, giving up.

Just at that point I was about to exit the main door of the library complex, I head someone say "Excuse Me" with a soft hand placed on my shoulder.

When I turned, my heart skipped a bit, it was him. I was so happy but did not express it. To cut the story short, we later exchanged contacts, after a bit of introduction and have been a little bit more than friends ever since.



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