Saturday, 9 July 2016

When In F.U.T.O......

When Ifeyinwa gained admission into the Federal University Of Technology Owerri on that sunny day late October, her joy knew no bounds. To say she was elated was to say nothing at all. It seemed as though every prayer, every hope, every dream she had been praying for had come to pass.

Undergoing her clearance was an easy task, especially as all the previously admitted boys kept trailing her, like a colony of ants attracted to a cube of sugar. It was October after all, the month of the popular "October Rush". A newly admitted girl had to be rushed  like bend-down-select in Eke-Onuwa Douglas Road, lest sharper boys would claim her.

Ifeyinwa had read a lot of books to know you did not just rush girls in October, but every other month, that there was nothing special about October, and that the only thing that mattered to her was completing her clearance and settling down to the school environment. So, she considered the boys who came to her frivolities and usable for the time being. Right now she had more important things to do, more important doors to knock on, and several important books to buy.


Chukwuka Uzodinma sat on the chair near the window, just after the entrance to the popular BUKA NINE. He was with his friends, Tony- who loved to chew bubble gum as if his life depended on it, Martin- his closest friend and roommate, Nnayelugo- the one referred to as "Nerdy", and Gabriel- his department's director of socials.

The relationship between the five of them was a close knit one
and even though they were five individuals with five different personalities, they were united by a mutual goal- to graduate top of their class and to design an equipment that has never before been heard of in their department Mechanical Engineering, and in F.U.T.O  as a whole.

"Chuka bobo", Gabriel started, his cheek increasing in size as he took mouthfuls of fufu into his mouth. "E be like say hunger no dey your belle, you are not hungry at all, if not, how can you explain offering to buy us lunch and having none yourself?"

"No thanks" answered Chuka. "I am not hungry, I don chop before I comot for house "Tony, Nnayelugo, and Gabriel turned to look at Martin. "Na true?" they asked.

" I wouldn't know", Martin replied "I left the room before he did.

"Guy", mouthed Tony, almost at the top of his voice "Na four hundred level we dey, when you go stop to dey speak plenty GST?" 

He dropped his spoon and placed his arm on Martin's back "Na your guys we be man, your guys! No dey form for us abeg. I follow you get A for GST , but pidgin na our thing you know naa, you don dey influence Chuka sef, mtchhheww!"

The other boys laughed. All except Chuka, and they turned to see what had taken his attention. They followed his eyes' trail, and saw that he had them fixed on a girl who had just walked into the eatry .

Tony stood up from his seat and went to where Chuka was seated, he put his mouth close to his ear and whispered "You no go like chyke am?"

Chuka jolted back to reality. "No, I wasn't....looking..... I wasn't ..I..I...was....just"

Gabriel laughed. "Guy , why you dey stammer, if you like the chic, go meet am. See am, she don dey comot"

Chuka stood up almost immediately. He started searching for suitable words to use. He turned back and looked at his friends, who in turn gave him four different sizes of thumbs up and pouting displays.

He walked as fast as his legs could carry him, and caught up with her just as she was about to cross over to the other part of the tarred road.

"Excuse me" he mouthed, just a little below high pitch." Hi , please can you spare a few seconds, I'd like to talk to you"

The girl stopped, and turned. "Me?" She asked.

"Yes" He answered. "I'm Chuka".
"and I'm Ifeyinwa" the beautiful ebony skinned girl replied be continued.............

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