Friday, 8 April 2016

Tears On A Kilishi Wrap.

Adaugo looked at her phone all over again. He had not called. He had not sent any text. He was acting as though he was not in anyway affected by their recent quarrel. A tear slid down her cheek, and fell on the kilishi wrap she had in her hand.

She had moved around Eziobodo, gone through lodges painted in the color red. Lodges that reminded her of her heart's ache. Before that she had gone to his room, to give him the kilishii, to remind him that although ego stood between them, the love she would pass to him while giving him the kilishi would tear down every bit of it.

Someone had given her the kilishi, but she couldn't eat it 'cos her mouth was sore and her heart was heavy. People had seen her walking. They called out her name at the top of their voices, but she walked still.

She still had the kilishi in her palms, as she walked past familiar lodges. She looked right, left and center but she couldn't find him. She walked back to her lodge. She sat somewhere just after the stairs and and managed to smile when people came near her to say hi..

Of course she knew where Vincent went. Any time he goes, she knows. But she says nothing. She had seen them together more than once. They seemed happy. The other one had said something that made Vincent smile in the loving way he used to smile at her. Something in her pinched her to confront them, but she pinched it back to death.
She knew she was not that kind of person, instead she had gone right home, and had soaked her two pillows with very salty tears and snot. 

When she saw Vincent, she pretended all was well. But she made up her mind never to let the things he did get to her again. A promise she had broken when she walked round Eziobodo that night, clinging to her precious kilishi, her only surviving hope.


  1. Nice one takes a reflective mind to understand the messsage.

  2. Nice one takes a reflective mind to understand the messsage.


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