Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Diary Of A Dark FUTO Girl (6)

This is not my story. It is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with a living or dead person , or thing, is purely coincidental

Week 6: Monday

I just got off the phone with Jude, my course mate. MGT 306 lecturer was in class, and here I was, still at home. Chineke ekwekwana ife ojo, there is no way in Jupiter I would miss that man's class. I hurriedly put on a pair of jean and and one of my favorite tank top. I was in class early enough to write my name on the attendance list going round.

"......and why do countries suffer economical growth, who can answer that question?" Mr Adindu's bass voice echoed all over the place.

So many hands shot up, some of them belonged to boys I knew couldn't answer the question, but just wanted to make a joke out of it, or be noticed.

"Because of Obasanjo and Babaginda" Ekene, a short funny boy with a head too big for his neck answered. He had hardly finished his last word before the whole class fell into a pit of laughter. His appearance was funny, and It always drew out giggles and chuckles from people, even before they had heard what he wanted to say.

Mr Adindu gave him a look that made me think he was in for trouble. "My friend would you sit down! We have just six week to the semester exams. I'm in no mood for jokes."

I raised my hands, determined to give it a try.

" Sir , it is because when compared to the population of a country,the available resources is less than enough and........."

The class was quiet, unbelievably quiet, and I turned to see the spirit that had walked into the room. Seeing none, I followed the trail of their eyes' and it was directed at me, I looked down at my seat and saw a map of an unknown country painted in the colour red. My heart skipped.

" Oh no, not me, please Jesus, this is a dream" I said to myself, but  it wasn't. In a bid to attend this lecture, I had forgotten I was on my period, so I did not put on a pad..I waited for the floor to open and swallow me, but I saw no hole. From the corner of my left eye, I sighted Ngozi Okonkwo, a very thin and short girl who loved to carry everyone's matter on her head, giggling.That was the last straw, I ran out of the class, leaving chuckles and giggles and heavy laughter in the background. As I ran, I thought of possible ways to pay Ngozi back. There was something about her, I couldn't quite place my finger on it. She had a way of bringing out the devil in me, which by the way was every time I saw her face..

I took out my face towel from my handbag, and placed it on my buttocks,with my hand as support. I bent my head and prayed to Jesus.. I raised it just in time to see a bike man parked behind FMT building. I walked towards him, taking care to avoid gazes from people around, and fingers pointing towards my direction. 

When I got to my room, I undressed, had my bath, and replayed events in my head. After that, I started drafting out what to name my upcoming war with Ngozi.


  1. Call the war 'Blood Ring Banging' ..I bet it'll come In series, so its BRB season 1 of 10


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