Saturday, 13 February 2016

How Would You Distribute Your Love Tomorrow, Saturated Or Not?

Hello Cutes,

It's that season once again, how time flies. For some people tomorrow, the true test of the love in their hearts would be displayed for all to see, relationships would be built, and many more would be broken. We all know most people hold on to the memories and activities of February 14th. That's' how it has always been. Long time girlfriends anticipate marriage,short term boyfriends anticipate sex(I do not know why they do this really), and while praying for a fulfillment of our various heart desires on this day, we somehow forget the true meaning of Valentine.

Pure, Unselfish Love.

The love I speak of suffers a lack of practice. It is tired of being channeled in one direction. 
Towards boys and girls who might not really mean what they say, who say it just because they hope to get retribution.

Tomorrow, when it gets to it's peak, I hope we get to understand , that there are people who need our care.

I hope we get to understand, that there are children left uncared for, roaming the streets everyday, rejoicing at the sight of stale rice in the trash, or bread half black, and water that only brings thirst.

I hope we get to understand, that there is such a place as 'Old People's Home" , and that the men and women there still wait for their kids to take them to London, as they were told.

I hope we get to understand , that the hospital is never void, because people get sick everyday, and get abandoned, and that there are nurses who are not kind to these people, and that they wish everyday, for just one day of happiness, and freedom from their misery.

We should not fail to remember, that when we must have understood all these things, and try to carry them out, I hope we get to understand, that we should do it with love. Pure, Unselfish, Unsaturated love.

Only then, would we have fulfilled the true purpose of February 14th.

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  1. I will visit the old peoples home under the umbrella of Mary


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