Sunday, 21 February 2016

Chimammanda Ngozi Adichie Is The Love Of My Life: I Would Meet Her Soonest, Someday.

Dear ALAL Readers,

photo doesn't belong to me
Did I tell you about how chimammanda captured my heart?
Did I tell you about how I always carried Purple Hibiscus with me wherever I went? How I wanted so much, to be like Kambili- Observant, Intelligent, yet quiet?

Half of a Yellow sun remains my best book ever, because I cannot imagine, how someone could have created a story so beautiful, about love during the Biafran war. How she was able to capture all human emotions associated with love is what still baffles me.

photo doesn't belong to me

What about Americannah?
Love separated by distance yet still strong.
Love that spanned through years, through countries and cultures.
Does it still exist?
Here's the plot:
As teenagers in a Lagos secondary school, Ifemelu and Obinze fell in love. Their Nigeria is under military dictatorship, and people are leaving the country if they can. Ifemelu departs for the United States to study. Through her experiences in relationships and studies, she struggles with the experience of racism in American culture, and the many varieties of racial distinctions. Obinze, son of a professor, had hoped to join her in the US but he is refused a visa after 9/11. He goes to London, entering illegally, and enters an undocumented life.
Years later, Obinze has returned to Nigeria and become a wealthy man as a property developer in the newly democratic country. Ifemelu gained success staying in the United States, where she became known for her blog about race in America, entitled “Raceteenth or Various Observations About American Blacks (Those Formerly Known as Negroes) by a Non-American Black” When Ifemelu returns to Nigeria, the two have to make tough decisions after reviving their relationship.

photo doesn't belong to me

I love you Chimammanda.
I love that thoughts from your head are interwoven into the very fabric of my soul, never mind that one cannot touch it.

I love that you can bring A,B,C,D and E together, and merge them into powerful convincing sentences.
I love you Chimammanda, and one day, one very special day, you will love me back.


  1. Once every month, I upload her pictures on my whatsapp... I probably love her more than my own self and when I eventually get to publish, I'll dedicate it to her... Not to forget my Prof, Chukwuemeka Ike and Elechi Amadi. You just get completely inspired by Adichie's works.

    1. There's no end to the love I have for people who can merge words. To see this one, a lady, who is not subdued by societal views on women, is amazing.

  2. I've read chukwuemeka ike's books, and that of elechi amadi... they are Idols too. You understand why I am more than excited about this one, shey?

  3. Yeah, of cos, A lady and Life. You can actually get to see her, think She's stayed in Abba, Anambra State. You could trace her. Thats how I traced and visited Prof Ike.

  4. yeah chimammanda's books are awesome, but have u read elechi amadi's "the concubine".


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