Saturday, 30 January 2016

Diary Of A Dark FUTO Girl (4)

This is not my story, it is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with a living person or thing is purely coincidental.

Week Five: Friday

Mehn!, I'm tired. I just got back from school, so, I'm tired. I'm still trying to get used to this whole lodge thing. The stress I went through to find this place? Phew!

I remember how Uchechi (my close friend and course mate) and I went from lodge to lodge, scrutinizing, and frowning as we visited  lodges we had previously selected, we finally chose this one, and she helped me move my things from the hostel into my new room. Eziobodo sha, clustered lodges everywhere.
My pathway, the famous FUTO road, is always filled with echoes of voices of those who call my name on my way to and fro. I heard from a friend before I moved in here, that Eziobodo is not somewhere you go to when you want to hide from someone. There is no hiding place here. Every wall knows you, every bike man recognizes you. You are but a single piece of broomstick in a bundle. And now, after moving into this place, I am no longer the listener, I am the one who tells the story.

My lodge is somewhere near GLO lodge, a building painted with the color green. My first week here saw me with so many people knocking on my door, claiming to lack salt, pepper, and the like, asking if they could pay me small small visits. They wouldn't disturb me they claimed, just small small visits. One even offered to take me round the village, as if I didn't know my way already, mtcheew! They are still learning.

My phone rang.

"Hello my baby" The voice on the other end of the line cooed.
"My baby girl, how are you enjoying your new place? Hope you do not have so many boys staying there, I do not want anyone spoiling my baby. Tell me, How many of them have come to collect salt eeh?"
"Daddy!!", I screamed, suprised.
"Ehen na, I went to school too Nwa m, I know all these things, I did it too you know, I was one of the happening boys back then, how do you think I was able to catch your mum eeh?" he asked, chuckling now.

I laughed. Memories of my mother telling me about my fathers escapades in school came flushing through my brain, and I wondered why she withheld her own story. She never really told me how she fell for him though, in fact, it was difficult trying to place her as one could fall in love with of the popular guys in school.. I made a mental note to ask her whenever she calls.

"Daddy, they've been coming for salt o" I said, ad mist giggles "Lots of them, but do tell mummy o, you know how she gets with things like this".
"I wouldn't" He answered "but, remain careful, you are there to study"
"I know sir" I mouthed. 
'Ngwanu Ka-odi"
"okay, bye, say hi to mum"
"I will" He answered, and the line went off.

I heard a knock on my door, and I went to check who it was. The face I saw brought back all the anger I had tried to suppress these past few weeks.

It was Gabriel.


  1. I love d story, gestures and use of language. keep it up. just reread it and edit some minor errors

  2. Please be careful as daddy said. Always remember that your main priority is your studies. Had an unpleasant offcamp experience during my PD that made me decide to stay in hostel for my 5years study at FUTO.
    Be good...Cheers!


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