Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Diary Of A Dark FUTO Girl (2) .

This is not my story. It is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with a living person, or thing, is purely coincidental. 

Week Three: Wednesday

It is raining. Chigozie my level mate has not called me yet, I wonder what's keeping him. We were to go to Owerri town to get a few things for our group practical. I'd give him twenty minutes, if he doesn't call, I'd go alone. I placed my hands on the window pane,and watched little little ants marching in a coordinated way, perhaps singing a victory song, as the promise of a big dead cockroach awaited them on arrival.

I picked up one, observed it as struggled and struggled to crawl out of my finger, then dropped it because I realised it was a poor little hungry thing and I was being unfair depriving it of it's meal.

My bunky came in.
"Chioma" she called, her sonorous voice filling the empty spaces in the room. "Gini na eme gi? you've not been yourself since you returned from lectures two days ago".
 I stared at her as though she were a stranger.
"Chioma"! she called again.
"Bunky, nothing o, it's just that pain I feel down there, but I believe it is nothing serious".
"Get your things, we are going to to FUTO medical " she said, sounding more like my mother than my agemate.
I did not want to argue with her, and I figured I could kill two birds with a stone. I would wait for Chigozie to call me. I f he doesn't call after I must have seen the doctor, I'd go to town alone.
"okay", I said "let's go".

The nurse in the waiting room did not smile at all when I got in and I did not look at her face when I sat on the wooden chair beside her. "Put this under your armpit" she said, as she handed me the thermometer. After sometime, she took it from me and told me to sit in the waiting area and wait for my name to be called.
I chose the long bench with less people on it and sat down comfortably. A baby beside me was crying, but I did not bother trying to coo her. I has just begun to doze off when I heard my name.
"Chioma Nnadiegwu!" the plumpy nurse with cropped hair called. "Go in and see the doctor"
I hurridly walked to the doctor's office and met him scribbling on a piece of paper, I asked if I could sit.
" you can sit down" He answered, and then looked up to give me my desired attention.
" What is wrong with you?  he asked "Tell me how you feel"
I told him about the itching , and the fact that I had not seen my period for months.
He smiled.
"Did you do anything you should not have done, eeh?
I laughed. "No sir, I have not done anything, let alone the one I should not have done."
He have me an are-you-sure look and then said" okay now, I suggest you go for a few tests, only then can we be certain now eeh.." he was smiling again, but this time I did not smile. It was not funny.. I found nothing funny in what he said..
He handed me my file and told me to proceed to the laboratory for my tests. When I got there, the lab attendant took my file, and told me to sit while she drew blood out of me.
"you can come back tomorrow for your test results, it should be ready by then". 
I thanked her and left the room. My bunky was already asleep by the time I went back to the waiting room, so I shook her, she got up and we left.
When we got to the hostel, I told her I'd meet her later. I called Chigozie again, his number was switched off. " I'd go alone" I said to myself, as I started for the bus park.


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