Saturday, 23 January 2016

After Years and Years Of Waiting, I Finally Met Mark Zuckerberg!

 I had to accompany my Aunt to Abuja for a business meeting. She didn't want to go alone and since I had not been to Abuja before, I happily accepted. My aunt is a sight for sore eyes I tell you, blessed with physical attributes, making it difficult for people to tell if really she was a mother of four. 

When we got to our hotel room, somewhere around Maitama, I lost my breath. I was astonished! Not only was the ethnic and art designs more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined, the room had so much space. We were staying in room 217, and it was more than perfect since It was just a floor away from the ground floor.

Dinner was served at 8:00, that was what my aunt wanted, though my whole mind was not on the food really. I was completely sold out at the sight of the swimming pool, which I could see from my corner of the room. I saw so many pot bellied men, rich, I could tell, the way they held glasses of champagne in one hand and skinny ladies in the other.

"Hmm, this people sef"" I said to myself, " No shame at all", then I turned to my aunt and asked if I could go check out the whole building. She mumbled a faint "No wahala" and waved me off. I wore the best pair of jean I could find and headed for the stairs. After about two hours of sight seeing, I decided to go back to my room. I dragged my feet across the hallway where my room was located, and knocked on the first door I saw.

The door came open and I moved back in shock. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook C.E.O, was standing right in front of me. I peeped into the room and saw Priscilla, his wife, and Max their baby. "come in" He said, with a voice I didn't believe could belong to someone like him, and held the door ajar. I stepped into the room and kept pinching myself, telling my inner Kasie it wasn't real.

"Mark", I started "I cannot believe this, is.. is this real"?
"Honey, why don't you bring her here"? It was Priscilla.

It was as if someone stole all the words out of my mouth and locked it in a cage, the only thing I could hear myself say was "Oh My God , your baby is so beautiful"

 I heard Mark say he was going to get me something to drink, then I picked up my phone to take a couple of selfies with Priscilla and her baby. I managed to take a few pretty ones, which I quickly posted to Facebook, tagging Mark Zuckerberg and his wife.

"Here, you go Kasie" I turned around and saw mark holding out a glass to me. "Mee osiso ka i je zaa uno"
EEH!, I wondered, does Mark speak Igbo? Jesus, does Mark speak Igbo?
"excuse me"? I asked, startled to my feet.
"Gini bu excuse me? Asim gii binie oto ka-ije zaa ulo.
Jesus, mark was really speaking igbo..His mouth was really moving. I took out my phone to make a  video of this precious moment, and saying to myself "kai, imagine the number of followers I would get on facebook when I post this".

Before I could bring the phone out of my bag, I felt a sharp pain just below my left thigh. I looked up, and it was my mother's face staring at me.. "Gini na-eme gi Kasie, kedu udiri ura dikwa nka"? what kind of sleep is this, c'mon up!!!

I closed my eyes and made a silent prayer saying , "father please, that was not a dream, please tell me that was not a dream" I had tears in my eyes as I got up from the bed with phone in my hand. I had gone through all the pictures in my phone, No Mark, No Priscilla, No Baby.


  1. Lol..... I almost believe dis. Ka m sikwa mgbe iji gafee d borders of anambra..... Winkz
    More groundnut/red oil to ur elbow... Nice one

  2. Lol. Dreams make us think the impossible and impossibility still doesn't exist. Signs of malaria. You'll get there biko, and Mark, Priscilla, baby will be the ones surprised. You write well.

  3. Hold on to your dreams, you shall see them one day.

  4. I will take u to him with money ... We will go with a private plane someday .....just prepare


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