Saturday, 5 December 2015

How To Remain Hot This Harmattan !

Harmattan is upon us and with it all the attendant problems for our skin and hair. But don't worry just follow these tips and stay on top of your game.

Dry ashy skin can be so unattractive, so the importance of moisture cannot be over-emphasized. Even oily skin requires moisturizer.
Remove dirt and makeup with a mild cleanser, stay away frm harsh astringents that strip the skin of much needed moisture.
Nourish your skin with post shower with rich but light body butter, cocoa butter or shea butter, baby oil gel and tissue oil and even local Coconut oil are also ideal for dry weather. These will not feel a grease feel.
Scrub your body with mild soap this season, a body scrub promotes good circulation and clear skin tone.

And of course, drinking a lot of water will flush the body of toxins and keep skin bright and beautiful.
Shaving with cold water is also advisable during hot weather it minimizes the chance of cuts and wounds, apply a little lotion to your skin before shaving foam. A brand new razor gives better glide over skin and is less likely to require much pressure that can result in nicks and cuts. Aftershave dat contains alcohol further dry out the skin. Mild lotion like aloe vera gel or baby oil or coconut oil will do the magic

A healthy head of hair can suffer during harmattan. Plaiting is hair saver for women. If possible make ur hair chemical free dis season. Adding extensions will extend the life span of the hairstyle and serve as extra protection. Moisture is also needed for air during Harmatan, braids and dreadlocks need moisture. Apply a light coat of hair serum or oil sheen for extra gloss but steer clear of heavy pomades. They only attract all that harmatan dust. A regular condition mask is recommended for men and women as hair risk breakage when d weather is dry!

DOs and DONTs
Do always remember to moisturize the oft-neglected skin btw fingers and toes. Keep a jar or bottle of hand cream or petroleum jelly within close reach at all times.
Don't lick your lips during harmattan no matter how tempting! Instead use a lip balm to prevent cracking and bleeding.

Do breathe through your nose. Breathing through your mouth will cause moisture from your lips to evaporate.
Do remember the back of your ears, moisturize it to prevent cracking and bleeding
Stay Healthy!

By Yetunde Ayinde.

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